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Title : TRUMP
Chapter : Prologue
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG
Genre : AU
Fandom : Arashi
Pairing : General ; OT5 ; Matsumiya (For now)
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly.
Summary : Matsumoto Jun is just your ordinary young man aspiring to be a fashion designer. Until one day, a mysterious man clad in black coming to bring him a news which will change his life forever. "Welcome to the TRUMP"


“I come bearing news for you.”

A young man in his late twenties, was on his usual route to reach home after a long day at school. He was in the middle of evaluating today’s work when a voice, deep yet playful, came from behind him, surprising him with a jolt.

“Holy shit!” He cursed under his breath as he turned around to face his offender.

Another man, can’t be more than a few years older than himself, stood with grin. A long black waist-coat covered his lean and tall figure, a drawing in silver lining on his right, a huge and beautified ‘J’ engrossed on his left. A top hat with emerald lining hides his brown locks. And a barely noticeable earcuff on his left-ear shone under the moonlight. On first look, the man appeared to be your normal man with a dressier outfit. But the glint in his eyes spoke otherwise.

“Language.” The other, slightly older man noted before pulling something –an envelope- from inside his inner coat-pocket. “As I’ve said, I come bearing news for you.” He repeated as he handed the young man the envelope.

The young man simply stared at the object given to him, too bewildered to react. But as he finally noticed the sound of a fading footsteps, he was quickly brought back from his reverie and called out for the mysterious name.

“Who are you and what is this thing exactly?”

The other man stopped on his heels, taking his time as he turned back to face the young man. A small smile on his lips.

“There is no need for a name to be known, young Matsumoto Jun. But the news in your hand,” The man pointed at the envelope. “Is what will change your world.”

With one last playful grin, the man turned his back on him. And before he could produce anymore sound, he disappeared.

Looking down at the envelope in his hands, he begin to open with with careful eyes.

“What the- ?”

Inside, a Joker card came into view, neat handwriting with emerald ink below it.

‘For all’s gone, is gained. The moon will light upon your path.’

~To Be Continued~

Well, I'm back with another story! This idea had always been there, at the back of my mind, but only now could I finally write it down in an actual story. If you've read my previous stories, this one might have resemblance to one of my work called 'Black Saint' (It's a HSJ fanfic). If you asked me why, that would be because the idea of both story was the same, but the background and overall plot might be different. So, yeah.

Enjoy! And please do tell me your thoughts of the story!


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