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Title : Look, The Cherry Blossoms Has Bloomed
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG-13
Genre : AU ; Fluff ; Angst
Pairing : YutoYama
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly.. And the Bartender setting I used in this story was shamelessly taken from the drama Bartender which Aiba Masaki starred at.. The drinks mentioned belong to their respective, err, founders..
Summary : He finally find his happiness. But will his happiness last? Or will the nightmare of his past haunt him and ruin his happiness?
Author's Note : This fic was my project for YutoYama Exchange 2015 in AO3, dedicated for butthurtnoona. Many thanks for my beta Joana for helping me out in this project.. Now that the exchange is finally over and the fics have all been revealed, I think it is save for me to cross-post my story here.. :)
So please, enjoy !
~Chapter 3~

Life after they turned official, unexpectedly, doesn’t change that much from their usual routine. A few dinners, some visits to places they wanted to go to, and Yuto’s weekly visit to Eden Hall. But now they will exchange shy glances every once in a while, brushing each others’ hand while they walk side-by-side (until eventually Yuto gave in and took Yamada’s palm into his), and a few fluttering kisses and affectionate hugs. When he told Inoo one day, his senior simply commented that they have dated long before they realized their own feelings, bringing a deep blush to Yuto’s cheeks.

“But aren’t you happy? Things went smoothly for the both of you. You’re lucky you don’t have to go through the awkward phase in a relationship.” The older man said at last, giving Yuto a peace of mind. “I’ve been friends with Dai-chan since forever. And when we came to terms with our feelings for each other, it wasn’t as easy as it was for you now. We were overwhelmed by the sudden change in our relationship and it was so awkward we barely could stay alone for too long.”

“How did you pass through it then ?” Yuto couldn’t help but ask.

“Time helped us to accustom ourselves with each other. After a while, the awkwardness calmed down and we get to be comfortable with each other’s presence once more. And it all went for the better after that.” Inoo told him with a fond smile.

“Hee~ Good for you.” Yuto commented shortly, happy on how things went for them.

And Yuto is happy for himself as well, because his relationship with Yamada became stronger as time went by. He felt his love growing each day, even if it sounded impossible at seeing on how he loves him too much already by now. But, the thing with Yamada is that, he never stopped surprising Yuto with every new sides he showed and these never failed to make Yuto fall deeper every single time.

But of course, even the bright blue sky has it’s dark time as well.

There will be times –usually after a rough day at work- when Yuto would snap at the simplest mistake Yamada makes. And the younger man would understand, giving Yuto space for himself, waiting until Yuto got back to his senses to engulf him in an apologetic embrace from behind, and they would cuddle all night long.

When Yamada is mad –which is a rare sight since Yamada doesn’t really get angry-, he tends to be emotional. After yelling at Yuto’s face to stop bothering him, he would suddenly cry and lock himself inside his room for a day. At this time, Yuto would constantly knock on his door, listening intently to Yamada’s response (while planning to break the damn door if Yamada doesn’t give any), and wait until the storm calmed down and Yamada would come out from his lair, eyes bloodshot and hair messy, muttering small apologizes in which Yuto would answer with an affectionate chuckle before pulling him to his chest, telling him silently that everything is going to be alright.

On the few chances the two of them got angry at the same time, a war would ensue and a series of yelling would come from the two of them simultaneously. The tears which decorated Yamada’s angered face gave a pang of guilt to Yuto’s heart, but during these times, he would be too angry and too proud to care. Yuto would then leave Yamada’s house (or his house if they happened to be in his) and leave Yamada alone (sometimes for a few days if he was really angry). When he got back though, he will have a rose bouquet in hands, and a lot of love confession in heart and Yamada –despite the ugly black circles around his eyes and the unusual paleness complexion- would smile his most beautiful smile and hug Yuto close and they will be okay again.

Today though, it’s somehow different from their usual pattern.

Yuto had invited Yamada for a lunch date, but the younger man doesn’t seem that cheerful when he came to the appointed place. Instead, he made a solemn look all day, despite all the jokes Yuto attempted to make. Yuto was wondering what it is that’s bothering him, if he somehow missed something and this made Yamada mad, but he couldn’t think of any. For all he knows, everything is good and Yamada’s sudden change of mood doesn’t make sense to him at all.

Until he figured out the reason behind Yamada’s sad and longing eyes a few hours later.

“Hello, Mum, Dad.” Yamada let out a serene whisper before he kneeled down in front of the cold tomb and made a prayer. “I brought someone with me today. Someone important.”

When Yamada asked Yuto to take him to a special place, he never thought that place would be Yamada’s parents’ tomb.

“He’s someone I love and cherish the most now, so I hope you will bless our relationship.” Yamada said after a while. “Please watch out for me from heaven, Mum, Dad.”

Yuto felt an indescribable feeling gushing inside his heart. The sight before him –it is so sad yet so endearing. What Yuto does next is more like of an instinct more than anything. He kneeled down next to Yamada and clasped his hands together, sending his own prayers to the deceased parents of his boyfriend.

“Yamada-san, please give me your permission to take care of Ryosuke from now on. We don’t know what the future has for us, but for now, I’m sure I want to spend my lifetime with Ryosuke. To grow old and love each other until death do us apart.” Yuto gave out a smile when Yamada turned to him, eyes showing surprise. “Ryosuke is someone I love the most, and I will give it my all to protect him from any harm. I will cherish him for he is the most important person to me.”


“I love you, Ryosuke. And that will never change. That much I’m sure.”

And when the younger man launched himself to his chest, Yuto finally knew the meaning of happiness.


Yuto should have known better though, that happiness won’t last forever.

He heard the story one day, when he happened to come across Matsumoto-san at his workplace. Apparently, Aiba-san’s son is taking piano lesson there and the man himself couldn’t come to pick up his son and Matsumoto-san volunteered to do the job. Yuto offered the man to talk over coffee while waiting for Kazunari-kun. The class won’t be over until thirty minutes later, and Yuto has spare time to spend.

They were talking about trivial things. Of how Kazunari-kun made friends with Ohno-kun from the vocal class, or how he aced his piano test last week. And then out of the blue, Matsumoto-san’s face turned sour and he started talking in a melancholy voice.

“We still have some free time. Do you mind if I tell you a little story, Nakajima-san?”

Yuto shook his head slowly, giving the man his permission to go on.

“When the Yamada couple passed away, Ryosuke was still so little. Yet, the tragedy had to happen and left a permanent scar inside the boy’s heart.” Matsumoto-san’s eyes stared afar. “I still remember that night clearly like it happened yesterday. It was a quiet night at Eden Hall when we received a call from the hospital, telling us that the Yamada’s family had an accident.”

Yuto stayed silent as he listened to Matsumoto-san’s story intently, as the man closed his eyes as if memorizing every details, every seconds and words exchanged.

“You see…”

***Sixteen years ago***

“It’s quiet tonight. Somehow, it’s sad.”

Jun let out a small chuckle at the dramatic sigh his bestfriend made. He surely has the tendency of dramatizising things. Though, he has a point that the quietness tonight somehow felt eerie.

“You know, MatsuJun. I heard there’s this jinx in Eden Hall that at a quiet night like this, something bad is abou tto occur.” Aiba said from across him, voice serious.

“It’s just a myth, Aiba-chan. And you surely read too many manga.” Jun shook his head as he wiped a glass clean.

“But it’s true! I heard it from the previous owner that it’s always like that on a quiet night like this!”

Jun is about to reprimand the man for being silly when the phone rang and Aiba practically jump with a yelp.

“I told you!”

“It’s just a phonecall, Aiba-chan.” Jun let out a tired sigh as he reached for the phone. “Good evening. This is Bar Eden Hall. How may we help you ?”

“Good evening. I’m from Nagano Ward Hospital, may I speak with Aiba Masaki-san ?”

Jun formed a frown before he told the man on the phone to wait as he handed the phone to Aiba who is as confused as he is.

“Hello. This is Aiba Masaki. How may I help you?” He heard Aiba say before his face frowned as the man on the phone told him something, only sometimes offering small Yeses before he ended the call with a soft ‘I understand. Thank you.’

“What’s wrong, Aiba-chan ?” Jun asked the man in worry because from the look in Aiba’s face, he knew it was not something good.

“It’s my sister, Jun.” And Jun knew it was worse than he had imagined because Aiba had called him by his given name only. “She...she died.”


It was Jun who then decided to close the bar for the night and then drove Aiba to the hospital. It was Jun who listened and answered the police’s inquiry while Aiba only sat by the corner, head hung low and refusing to say anything. It was Jun who told both the hospital personnel and the police officer that he will take care of things for the time being. It was Jun who stayed by Aiba’s side that night as he mourned over the loss of his sister –the only family he has left- who died a tragic death along with her husband.

It was supposed to be the Yamada family’s happy vacation in a long while. Yamada Susumu, Aiba’s sister’s husband, is a well-known politician with a tight schedule. That’s why, when he finally got a rare day off, he wanted to spend it with his family.

“Ryosuke won’t stop bugging me about that. Saying that his Daddy won’t play with him anymore.” Jun remembered Ryosuke’s father telling Aiba just the other day.

But on their way, someone shot their car from afar, killing their driver first, sending their car out of control before it crashed by the roadside.

“Mummy! Daddy, it hurts! ”

“It’ll be fine, son, it’ll be fine. I promise.”

Another shot came, followed by another one.

“Mummy, I’m scared. Daddy-“

“Shh, Ryosuke.. It’s okay, darling. Mum is here.”

It was Ryosuke’s mother, despite the pain and anything else, who called for an ambulance to save his one and only child.

“Ryo- Ryosuke- p-please save him! Please s-save my- my son!”

The police told Jun that Ryosuke’s mother died cradling her son under her arms –just like a guardian angel.

Aiba said nothing during the whole thing. And just like that, without a word, he left. Muttering a rushed apology, Jun went to follow Aiba who seemed like he’s walking aimlessly only to find out that he was heading for Ryosuke’s room, and sat by the bedside, gripping the boy’s arm in his.

“At the very least, Ryosuke-kun is saved. That much, we should be thankful.”

But the only response he received was the tightening of Aiba’s hold on Ryosuke’s sleeping one. Aiba still refused to say a word and Jun sighed. He could only wish that Ryosuke won’t be that affected over his parents’ death.

But of course, being as young as Ryosuke is, and to have witnessed such cruelty will affect you. When morning rises, and Ryosuke start to open his eyes, the first thing he asked for is his parents.

“Where’s my Mummy and Daddy ?”

“Ryosuke, dear- I’m- they… Everything is going to be alright, okay ?” Aiba tried, with an awkward smile as he came closer to Ryosuke’s figure.

But the boy start trashing and screaming around uncontrollably, crying for his Mummy and Daddy.

“No ! I want my Mummy and Daddy ! I want them here right now !”

“Oh, Ryosuke…”

Aiba could only hold him close, whispering sweet nothing to his ears, trying to calm him down and refusing the offer of the doctor to inject Ryosuke with more sedative, telling them that he has everything under control.

And he does.

Because over an hour later, after Ryosuke had exhausted his vocal chords and energy, he fell limp in Aiba’s arms, letting out small hiccups every once in a while. Aiba kept on stroking his back, murmuring a broken lullaby to calm the boy down.

“I want my Mummy and Daddy... I don’t want to be alone…”

“Hush, sweetie. You’re not alone. You have me and Jun-kun here with you. You are not alone.” Aiba whispered softly to Ryosuke’s ears, as he watched the boy’s eyes fluttered to a close, before he fell into a tired sleep and that’s when Aiba looked up to see Jun for the first time since they heard the news. And he flashed him a tired yet warm smile. “Thank you, Jun. For staying with us.”

Jun smiled back as he leaned forward to help Aiba lay Ryosuke on the bed.

“What are you saying ? Of course I’d stay with you. We’re bestfriends, aren’t we ?”

And as Aiba nodded, despite everything, Jun knew that he’s going to be okay.


“Ryosuke-kun might have suffered from a mental breakdown. You know, after what the boy had witnessed and everything, and considering his age and mental stability, we could only expect as much.” Ryosuke’s doctor told Jun and Aiba one day. “You might want to ask for some professional help to make sure that his condition won’t go for the worst.”

It was right after the police contacted them that they had caught the Yamada couple’s murderer, and asked them to listen to what the culprit has to say. And Jun, knowing that Aiba won’t say anything without being asked, questioned the man of what he will do, and the man only gave him a solemn smile.

“Is it too much too ask if I want you to go to listen the culprit’s testament, Jun ?”

Jun threw him a look in which Aiba just smile.

“I will stay with Ryosuke instead. He needs someone by his side now more than ever. And-“

“And ?”

“Seeing the murderer now would just make it harder for me. I don’t know whether I could forgive the culprit or not, but I know that holding onto the grudge won’t change the fact that my sister and her husband has died. That’s why, I- I just want to let it go. In hope that it will be easier for me to move on with my life. And for Ryosuke, too.”

Jun’s eyes softened. He followed Aiba to the bench where the two of them sat, a can of coffee each.

“What are you going to do with Ryosuke ?” Jun asked, voice soft.

“I will take care of him. This incident has affected him more than it affected me. It has changed him. The future that lies ahead of him won’t be easy. This will leave him traumatized for life and will leave a huge scar within him. He might end up a hopeless case, and yet, I still want to take care of him. I want to raise him strong. No matter what, I won’t give up on him, even when he’s giving up with himself, I swear to God I won’t. I know I can never replace his parents, but at the very least, I want to show him that he’s not alone.”

Jun felt a sense of pride blooming inside him at what Aiba said. The man had always acted much younger than his age, never seem to take things seriously. Always so foolish and childish. But he knew better that Aiba was everything but childish.

“And you should know that you’re not alone in this either, Aiba-chan. I’m here with you.”

“Yeah.” A small smile is formed on Aiba’s slightly pale lips. “Thank you, MatsuJun.”


In the end, it was only Jun who went to the Yamada couple’s murderer’s trial. Ryosuke wasn’t allowed to go, of course, one because he’s still too young, and the other reason was because Aiba didn’t want to implant more bad memories in him by letting him get close to the things which might reminded him of his parents’ death. Especially now that the boy is finally gradually getting better. Aiba didn’t attend the trial either, because he had decided to let go and seeing the face of the culprit now would only waver his decision. But Jun had went to the trial. Just because.

What came to his sight was nothing like Jun’s imagination. He had imaged the murderer to be big and scary-looking, or at least having this malicious look as he was dragged to the trial room. Jun, however, never expected a young boy, perhaps only a few years older than Ryosuke himself, to step into the room, face nervous and guilty.

“Do you admit to the crime of murdering Yamada Susumu, Yamada Narumi, and also their driver Takada Akira ?”

The young boy gulped in nervousness before voicing a shaky, “Yes” to the whole room.

Angry whispers could be heard echoing in the trial room as soon as the boy admitted his crime. And none of them is processed in Jun’s head. He only has his focus on the boy the whole time. Of how he would look down in shame, or how he would play with the hem of his shirt when he feels someone is looking accusingly his way, and the many little things the boy does during his silent time.

“Silence!” The judge raised his voice to calm the audience down. “Will you tell me the reason as to why you did it?” He addressed the boy again.

“I,” The boy paused for a moment, as if hesitating, before he gulped one big air once more to reassure himself. “I was told by my boss, my caretaker to kill them.”

“Your boss?”

“Yes, Sir.” The boy nodded his head. “I’m an orphan. I was left on the street years ago after my parents died. When I was on the verge of dying, I was rescued by my boss and was taken under his custody. He gave me food and shelter, provided me with education, and trained me to be an assassin, which I never knew until he told me to kill someone one day.”

“And you obliged?”

“Yes.” The boy nodded again. “He threatened me that he will kill me and throw me away if I didn’t listen to his order. So I did what he told me to do, even though I didn’t want to, in order to save my own life. I killed people in order to survive.”

“Why did you turn yourself in now then ?”

“Because I saw a boy. When my boss told me to kill the Yamada family, I saw a boy. And that boy reminded me of my own self in the past, and suddenly, I just can’t do it anymore. I already pulled the trigger for the father and the mother, and for the boy too, but the last bullet didn’t hit him because his mother protected him. I could have shot another bullet, but I didn’t, I couldn’t. So I left instead. And I just, I can’t do it anymore, the killing, it hurts, the guilt is killing me inside, it never left.” The boy looked down, and the judge made a contemplating look at his statement.

“Name your boss, young boy. Can you ?”

The boy simply nodded his head.

“I already told the police before.” The boy took a deep breath before continuing. “His name is Nakajima Atsushi, the leader of an underground syndicate who did many other dirty works aside from assassination.”


“In the end, the boy was sentenced for ten years at a Juvenile out of town, and the rest of the syndicate is captured and sent to jail soon after. The case is closed and settled by then, but Masaki and Ryosuke’s struggles was still far from over. It took Ryosuke a couple of years to stop having panic attacks at nights, and it took him another couple of years to be able to smile again. Our line of works, thankfully, had brought him to his passion and he finally found his dream again.”

Matsumoto-san ended his story with a long sigh, eyes wandered to the flower fields outside the window.

“I believe you figured out the rest, Nakajima-san. And please know, I’m not telling you this to harm you or anything, it’s just, I feel like you need to know the truth. Both of you.”

Yuto said nothing as he let the words sink as many thoughts start appearing inside his mind.

“I will take my leave for today, Nakajima-san. See you.”

And as Matsumoto-san stood from his seat, welcoming the half-running Kazunari-kun with a wide smile, was when Yuto realized that the class is over. That also happens to be the time, that Yuto realized, just how much he’s doomed.
~End Of Chapter 3~

Italics are the past from 16 years ago.. :D


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