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Title : Black Saint
Arc 3 - Thunderbird
Chapitre 16 - Like An Ice
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG-13 (For languanges in some chapters)
Genre : AU ; Angst
Pairing : YamaJima ; NakaChii ; OkaYama ; more will come as the story evolves..
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly..
Summary for Arc 3 : Threads are severed, trusts are wavered.. Through all the cold storms and the raging inferno, wrapped inside the unending cries of pain, a tiny part of his heart still waiting for that love he longed..
Author's Note : Sorry for the wait~ But here I come with the newest chapter of Black Saint~ Please enjoy~

~~~Arc 3 - Chapitre 16 - Like An Ice~~~

"No, please don't tell anyone about this."

Valentine looked down at the young man before him, a worried look on his face.

"But it is too dangerous for you to go alone. You won't know what might be happening there."

Ryosuke nodded.

"I understand the risk." He said calmly. "But still, I wish to go alone."


"This is our family's problem. I do not wish to be disturbed by outsiders."

A sigh came from the older man's lips.

"Very well. But as fellow 'family', please allow me to come with you."

Ryosuke remained silent for a moment, contemplating the idea. A minute later, the boy nod with a sigh, signaling the man that he agreed.

"Well, then, what are we waiting for ?"


"Why, acting almighty and believe you can handle me alone, eh ?"

Akihiko gave a smile.

"It's nothing like that, Haru. I merely hope that we can talk, like a real talk, without stuntmen backing us up to beat one of us to death."

"And what made you think I will listen to you ?" Haruhiko raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, I don't know." Akihiko shrug, while one of his hand reached into his inner pocket. "Maybe because I have this ?"

A tiny, almost unnoticed memory card was held between Akihiko's fingers. The younger Yamada then frowned, wondering what's inside that memory card. As if reading his brother's mind, Akihiko smiled a knowing smile and proceed.

"This, my dearest brother, consist all your company's datafiles. Everything from your clients to your dirty works and every single secrets within the company you thought only you knew, I had everything recorded within this small device. With just a simple talk to the right person, I can always bring you down in a matter of seconds with this. And don't ever think about trying to do anything to me because I have this sensor within me connected to my main database, in which if something were happen to me, then this sensor will send a signal to my database which will then do a relay message to our neighbouring companies and rivals and leak your secrets. You won't be able to hack into my system because by the time the relay had been done, my system will do a self-destruct and thus cut off any link to the outside. Even if you manage to track down the flow and erase every single data sent to others' system, it might have been too late already."

As if struck by a lightning, a look of terror flashed in Haruhiko's face.

"Frightened, aren't we ?" Akihiko chuckled. "But no worries. As long as you don't try anything funny, then everything will be okay."

"H-how did you ?"

Akihiko shrug. "Oh, I have my way, Haru. Don't even know where to start." A playful smile spread on his face. "So, shall we talk ?"


Walking on the dark hallway, Yuto felt like it was getting heavier in each step he took. Taking a deep breath, he readied himself before opening the door and enter a certain room. At seeing that everything seemed normal, he sighed in relief and proceed further into the room.

"You surely took your sweet time, Rai-kun."

A jolt of surprise ran down his spine before he turned around and found an unimaginable figure standing before him. He let out a yelp before finding back his composure when another figure came into view.

"And you surely play around too much, Yuu." Came Jun's deep yet annoyed voice.

"Eh ? How come ?" The 'Yuu' whined in protest.

Jun rolled his eyes. "What ? You mean roaming about in a high-school uniform is considered a normal thing and it's not just you trying to fool around ?"

"It's okay, isn't it ? It's just that I didn't experience high-school and wanted to try it out at least once. There's nothing wrong with it anyway." Yuu pouted, fingers interwinted.

"Yeah, nothing's wrong. That is if it's not a 'girl' sailor uniform you're wearing. And absolutely not if you took off that long-and-curly blonde wig off of your head. And most certainly not if you didn't applied that stupid mascara and eye-liner and blush. And what ? Did you really put on a lipgloss ?" Jun stared at him in disbelief.

"Yes ! And I did everything myself ! It's great right ? And the lipgloss is so shiny too !" Yuu squealed, not the slightest influenced by Jun's words.

"I am NOT complimenting you !" Jun reprimanded, an annoyed tone thick in his voice. "I give up ! Rai-kun, good luck !"

And with one last wave, Jun literally slammed the door in their face.

"Geez ! Jun-chan is no fuuu~n." Yuu whined again before turning back to face Rai, once again giving him a chill down his spine. "Well, let's just get started, shall we ?"

The taller yet younger man gave him a nod, before watching his master walked to the main computer of the room.

"So, how is it going ?" Yuto said at last.

"Everything went according to plan, for now." Yuu shrug. "And it'd been going quite well. The two is having one 'nice' talk at the moment."

Yuto looked up to the scene Yuu pointed at on the screen and saw two grown men sitting and talking leisurely inside a room. Well, at least one of them is at leisure, while the other one looked quite -frightened, and also angered. Well, it was to be expected though.

"The boy is coming too. With that guy from your old organization." Yuu pointed to another scene.

"Valentine came ?" Yuto said in disbelief. "Why ?"

"I believe it's because he has an obligation to protect his superior or something ? After all, out of everyone else, I think he's the one who is against the idea of the boy confronting those two oldies the most." Said Yuu lightly.

"Superior ?" Yuto frowned. "Shouldn't it be the other way around ?"

"Technically speaking, no." Yuu started to explain. "Don't you know ? That that Valentine man is also a member of Yamada family ?"

"He is ?" Yuto widened his eyes in surprise.

"Yeah." Yuu nodded. "Yamada Karin, the boy's mother, is the daughter of the Yamashitas. She has an older brother who adopted that Valentine man when he was very young. And since the Yamashitas is a branch family of the Yamadas, not to mention that the boy will be the succesor of the Yamadas, that made him more superior compared to that valentine man."

"This is the first time I've heard about it." Commented Yuto in awe.

"You should know those high-class society's family's history you know. It will serve you good in the future." Yuu told him matter-of-factly. "And since we're in it, I might as well tell you that the deceased Yamashita Seiji -or Yamashita Tomohisa aka Valentine's adopted-father- who was also the former owner of the Yamashita Corp which is the lead of Japan's medical business, was actually the founder and first leader of Black Saint, which is now under his adopted-son's hands. But the ownership of Yamashita Corp returned to Valentine's adopted-grandfather when Yamashita Seiji deceased. Valentine was the one who wanted it that way. I'm not sure what will happen after Yamashita Isshin die. Will valentine took over the Yamashita Corp, or will he merge it with the Yamada Company and let the boy handle it ?"

"Yamashita Isshin ?"

"Valentine's adopted-grandfather, who also happened to be the boy's grandfather from his mother's side." Answered Yuu quick. "Duh ! At least remember their names, will you ?"

"My bad." Yuto scratch the back of his not-itchy-head. "Wasn't very familiar with this kind of thing."

"Adapt soon, then." Yuu commented, annoyed. "Ah ! They're making a move !"

In a split second, the two's focus returned to the scene as they watch intently the things that are happening there. The two brothers seemed to be in an argument when Ryosuke and Valentine barged into the room. Something seemed to be happening because the next thing they see, is Haruhiko pulling something which dangerously looked like a gun and pointed at the other three occupants of the room.

"Things went a little bit messy here, eh ?" Yuu said, a small smirk on his face. "Shall we go and settle things down, Rai-kun ?"

But when he turned around, Yuto was no longer there. The remnants of his scent wafted in the air from the open door behind him.

"That guy, always in a rush whenever things like this happen." Yuu shook his head in fake frustation. "But come to think of it, he only became like this if it concerns a certain boy, eh ? Really, does he love him that much ?"


"You want- what ?" Haruhiko widened his eyes, surprised and anger mixed within his gleaming eyes.

"I want you to retire from your position and hand your throne over to your succesor. And then you will go far away to never disturb and get in your family's way ever again." Akihiko repeated his words with calmness that could be that of the saint's.

"No, you can't do that- I can't possibly step down now ! Not after I get everything I ever wanted and be at the top ! You won't make me !" Haruhiko roared in fury.

"Oh, but I can." Said Akihiko while raising the memory card. "Whether I make you down the hard way with this, or you will step down willingly and lead a peaceful life after that. Come on, Haru. It's not that hard of a choice. It's not that you will be left and abandoned after that. You will still be able to live a leisure life without worrying about what to eat everyday. You can also still buy whatever you want with your fortune. You just have to step down and give the throne to someone else. Nothing really changes, really."

"How can you make this a simple issue ?! This is important to me ! The throne is everything to me ! I can't live without it !"

"Oh, please. You're just making it sound difficult for yourself." A scoff came from Akihiko's lips.

"So what ?! It IS difficult to me !" Haruhiko glared at him, eyes so big that it seemed that they're almost popped out of their sockets. "You won't understand my feeling ! You don't know a thing about it ! You-"

"Father." A sudden new voice stopped the two from bickering. "Stop, please. Don't say anything anymore."

"Ryosuke ? What are you doing here ? And- Tomohisa-kun ? You too ?"

While Haruhiko looked surprise by their sudden appearance, Akihiko seemed unaffected at all. It's as if, he has been anticipating for their visit.

"You should listen to what your brother had said. You should step down and hand over your position to me instead." Ryosuke told him in a calm tone.

"Oh, I thought you didn't want to take over the throne ?" Akihiko asked, a curious yet mischivious tone laced in his voice.

"I did." Ryosuke agreed. "But then I thought that Father will mostly make a fuss and make things hard for whoever take over the throne, and Yuya will most certainly unable to handle that, so I decided that I will take it instead."

"Ryosuke ! Why did you- ?!"

"Because-" The young man cut him off. "In your current state, you cannot possibly continuing your job as the head of the Yamada family, let alone handle the company and such. You will only worsened the situation and who knows if you will make a mistake that cannot be repaired ? I'm saying this in the favour of those thousands of people working under the Yamada Company. If something were to happen because of you, they will lose their jobs and eventually their future. Compensating them will be a hassle and since it's you, you will just probably run off with the last of your fortune and ignore your responsibilities. That's why, before it's too late, I think it is better for you to give up and hand over the throne to me."

As if struck by a lightning, in an instant Haruhiko's eyes turned red.


And in the next second, a gun is already on his trembling hands, as he pointed at the other three.


"Don't be stupid, Haruhiko-san !" Valentine shouted in panic. "What would happen if you die in your old days if you kill everyone now ? Who will inherit your throne then ?"


A maniacal laugh erupted from the man's lips as he said that.

"Father !" Ryosuke yelled. "Stop this, right now ! You've gotten mad already ! There's no way you can continue your throne !"

"SHUT UP !!!" Haruhiko yelled louder. "I'M NOT MAD ! I'M COMPLETELY SANE !"

"Haruhiko !" Akihiko shouted too. "Did you forget ! That I have this memory card who will end your career and future if you do anything funny, eh ? Did you forget about that ?!"


"FATHER !" Ryosuke called out.

But no one expected that his call would be the trigger for Haruhiko to release his shoot at him. For a moment, time seemed to be frozen as the bullet cut through the wind and heading steadily at his heart. It's as if, his ability to dodge was taken away from him, and the next thing he felt is pain.


~~~End Of Arc 3 - Chapitre 16 - Like An Ice~~~

A~h, it'd felt like ages since I last updated~ >,<

I bet people had started to think that I dropped this project or something from the lack of updates.. But! I assure you that I will never do such things, because no matter how busy I've become, this fic is an important part of my life and I swear that I will finish it whatever it takes.. It might take long though, considering the circumstances I had in real life and all..

Oh ! Have you guys heard JUMP's newest album ? I absolutely fell in love with them ! Adult-like JUMP is just soooo cool~

I'll stop ranting here right now or else it would take forever.. I might post up a real rant later on though~ >,<

You can expect a faster update for next chapter since I'm almost done with it already~
And comments are appreciated~ >,<

Date: 2014-06-22 10:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ekadarmayanthi.livejournal.com


how can haruhiko recklessly shot ryosuke! and oh, our babe ryosuke, please be safe!!!


sorry for the caps lock, I'm just excited and thrilled ^^

thanks for update anyway ^_^

Date: 2014-06-22 10:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Why so fast you cute little ninja ?! O.O

Aww~ Don't be so impatient~ I'll try to update asap though~ *grins*

Ryosuke will be okay, I think.. Let's just wait and see, 'kay? *shot*

It's alright~ I understand, I do~ XD

You're welcome~
And thanks to you too for dropping by and be my stalking ninja~ *shot*

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You're welcome dear~

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From: [identity profile] alsykt.livejournal.com
I hope Yuto made it this time~! XD and do update soon~~~

Btw, the part where haruhiko flustered when being told to give up his throne and when akihito repeated his words, I think the name got mixed up. XP.

And again, update soon~~ xP

Date: 2014-06-23 02:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Me too..
Will do my best~ >,<

Eh ? Really ? *take a peek*
AHH !! You're right ! Gomen, gomen~ Will fix it soon~ >,<
Thanks for pointing it out~

Wish me luck~
And thanks for dropping by~

Date: 2014-06-22 03:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hiyoshichii.livejournal.com
That Crazy Mad Animal of a Father! How dare you hurt Ryosuke!? *Picking up an axe nearby!* I'm so gonna kill you...
Yuto you better hurry up there and save Ryosuke or I'll bury you too.

Naive boys... Obviously love each other which is visable to all others but the two of them... (grumbles)

Thank you, Rei-chan, for the great chapter. Would love to hug you right now but i kinda busy trying to kill someone. *points at the axe* Update soon. Can't wait for the next chapterrrrrrrrrrrrrr................ *running to chase after the bastard of a father*

Date: 2014-06-23 02:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
He's crazy.. And I'm positive.. Perhaps, I should put something on his drinks ? Oh, nothing much.. Just some things which will make him drop dead somewhere.. *shrugs*

Yeah.. I really can't take it anymore ! I want them to confess their love to each other but then I remembered that this was NOT supposed to be a BL-fic !!! Arrrghhh ! I'm in a dilemma ! *bangs her head on a nearby wall*

It's okay~ Please do chase after that useless man.. And beside, I'm quite busy myself here.. *points at the wall and then her own forehead* You know, I've got some brain-washing to do and such..

Oh, before I forget, thanks for dropping by~ *waves*

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Woah... What an edgy chap!!! REI-CHAN <3
Confrontation turns bad here....

Poor Ryosuke trapped between a maniacal father and power hungry uncle...
no matter how you look at it- its him losing on both sides :(*so pissed off- i'm going to strangle both Akihiko and and Haruhiko with my bare hands-sadistic mode on*

Yuto- please put aside those conflicted thinking of yours and save Ryosuke before its' too late!!!

Pleaseeeee update soon~~(i'm hyperventilating here)#Duh

Date: 2014-06-23 02:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Yepp~ The confrontation starts.. But then again, I think this will be the end of the confrontation as well.. *shrugs*

Yeah.. He was on the losing end yet he kept on forcing his way.. That's just the way he is..
But hopefully, things will goes for the better for Ryosuke..

Yuto's on his way.. He's going to make it ! Probably.. *shot*

Will do my best on that~ >,<
*gives you a paper bag* For the meantime, please use this ! *shot again*

Thanks for dropping by~

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What kind of father is he...

Hope Yuto can save him...

will wait for the next one :D


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Yeah.. Hope everything will be alright~ >,<

Please do wait~ I'll do my best to update soon~

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