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Title : TRUMP
Chapter : 2 ~JUN~
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG
Genre : AU
Fandom : Arashi
Pairing : General ; OT5 ; Matsumiya ; Yama
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly.
Summary : Matsumoto Jun is just your ordinary young man aspiring to be a fashion designer. Until one day, a mysterious man clad in black coming to bring him a news which will change his life forever. "Welcome to the TRUMP"

~Chapter 2 ~JUN~

Jun was at lost of words. Of all people, he least expected Nino to be there as well. Nino might received the same invitation, but his guts told Jun otherwise.

“Nino? What are you doing here?”

His bestfriend obviously is feeling uncomfortable at the moment, with the way he’s avoiding Jun’s eyes. But he’s trying to keep his cool and ignore Jun’s call.

“Alright. Before we get to the point, allow me to introduce myself first.” The mysterious man spoke, tearing Jun’s gaze away from Nino. “My name is Sakurai Sho, also known as the ‘Queen of Spades’.” The man tilted his chin, pointing at the card in Jun’s hands at that.

“This person here,” He waved a hand to the sleepy man, “Is Ohno Satoshi, our resident ‘King of Clubs’.”

The sleepy man smiled warmly at him, somehow giving Jun a sense of comfort.

“And this man, I’m sure you’ve known already.” This Sakurai man pointed at Nino. “But here, he’s also called as the ‘Ace of Spades’.”

Sakurai gave him a small smile before continuing.

“We are the ‘Trumps’. A secret troupe existing to keep the balance of this world. We mostly stay hidden behind the curtain, and only took action when it is extremely necessary. We do not belong to any affiliations. We stood by our own ideals and do not take orders from anyone but our ownselves. We own knowledge many never knew. We have power many seek for. We, in a non-exagerrating fashion, are the watchers, the keepers.”

“Of what?” Jun finally found his voice.

“Of this world’s balance as I’ve mentioned before. We do many other things, but we mostly watch, and keep.”

Jun turned to Nino, but the young man just looked away.

“Just like the trump card, we are called by our card name, the identity which represents our place in this troupe. The Kings are our leader, whilst the Queens are his/her right hand. There are others, somekind like underlings, ranked from ten to two, who serves under their suits’ Kings. The Aces, despite having a low number of one, is actually on the same level of the Kings, if not higher. They stood as the other voice of the Kings, the- advisors. They have no authorizations against the underlings, but they could do things without the Kings’ permition when they deem it fit.

“The Trumps are divided into two sub-units. The dark suit, and the white suit. Each sub-unit consists of one King, one Queen, one Jack, and one Ace, with the suit representing their own personality accordingly. There are equally eighteen underlings under each sub-units, with nine person under each suit. As there are two suits in each sub-units, the four tops are usually varied. For example, we have currently two Spades and one Club in our sub-unit, while the white suit currently having three Diamonds and one Heart.”

Sakurai stopped his monologue for a while, allowing Jun to absorb all the new information.

“As you have probably realized, the dark suit is missing it’s Jack.” Sakurai continued on, his voice suddenly quiet and- sad. “Sometimes ago, he was gone to a mission on the far east. It was a simple job of watching, but something went wrong and we suddenly lost him. Forever.”

‘He’s dead.’

It doesn’t take a genius to know it. The change of their expression tell Jun enough.

“We have yet to find the right replacement for him, and had thought that we might not need a replacement after all.” Sakurai looked up, his eyes piercing into Jun’s. “Until you come.”

“Wha-“ Jun gulped. “What does it has anything to do with me? Why sharing me the secret?”

“Because,” This time, it’s that Ohno-guy who is talking, “We were told that you have been given a message.”

“A message? By who? To do what?”

“By the ‘Joker’.” Nino said suddenly, still avoiding Jun’s eyes even as he said so.

“The ‘Joker’?” Jun frowned before a realization hit him. “You mean the man who gave me that Joker card?”

“Precisely.” Sakurai gave a curt nod.

“But, why me? What do I do? And who’s this Joker guy anyway? Is he coming here too?”

“I’m afraid, we do not have the answers to a few of your questions.” Sakurai closed his eyes for a moment. “No one really knows who the Joker is, unfortunately. No one knows his name, where he comes from, or what’s his objective. All we know is that he’s always there, a lone part of our troupe, but never really seen. He’s an enigma, even to us.”

“We’ve only heard of him from the sound of of the winds, carried through our open window.” Ohno added softly. “It is still a bizarre experience you had, to have the Joker himself delivering you a message.”

“Wait a minute! Are you recruiting me to be your new Jack because the Joker came to me?” Jun asked, his voice trembled.

“It doesn’t work that way, Matsumoto-san.” Sakurai shook his head with a smile. “We’ve told you that we did not look for a new member. But when Kazu came and told us about your encounter, we have a feeling that you probably might have to be enlightened by this knowledge. We do not know why the Joker sent you that message, but we thought that you might need to know more before you have to decide anything.”

Jun looked down on his lap. He still hasn’t fully grasp this new information, but at least he’s not as clueless as he was.

“We have yet to know of what you should do about that message. But when the time comes and you have to make your decision, please do it in full conscience with all the knowledge you have received and are about to obtain. For the time being, just live your life like usual. We won’t know anything more than we already did until the signs come.” Sakurai leaned back on his seat, another smile adorned his thin lips. “But for now, why don’t you consider joining us?”

“You said you weren’t recruiting me?”

“We weren’t.” Sakurai shook his head. “But now that you’ve known, you are given the chance to consider joining us at your own free will. Of course, you could reject our offer if you wish, but only under the vow that our conversation just now stays under this roof.”

“And if I don’t keep my vow-?”

“Then we are afraid that we have to annihilate you. In order to keep the balance.” Ohno suddenly spoke, his tone flat and eyes cold. It’s like the previous kind-looking man is gone.

“But of course, if you promise to keep this our own little secret, we won’t do a thing to you. We might as well stay friends and all.” Sakurai added, trying to melt the tension Ohno just build. “But we do respect your space. If you are to reject our offer, and wish to hear no more for us, we will disappear from your lives.”

A worry line started to form on Jun’s forehead as he’s thinking about the offer and all the possibilities.

“You don’t have to give your answer now, of course. You may have all the time you need to.” Sakurai said again, trying to reassure Jun.

“Yeah, Sho-kun’s right.” Ohno added with a yawn, his laid back demeanor back. “You don’t need to rush things up. Anyway, anyone starving? I’m gonna heat my curry now if you are.”

“Why, that would be a delight.” Sakurai agreed almost immediately. “Kazu, you’re staying for the dinner, too, right?”

“Hnn.” Nino made a low, almost unintelligable sound of agreement.

“Very well. How about you, Matsumoto-san? Fancy eating some curry? Satoshi’s curry is one of the best, you see.” Sakurai turned at Jun, waiting.

“You work here?” Jun asked Ohno instead.

“Well, I technically own this place, so yeah, you could say that I work here.” Ohno answer with a shrug.

“Oh! You’re that awesome chef Nino told me about?” Jun suddenly stood on his feet, eyes sparkling with admiration. “I looooveee your curry! It was heaven!”

Sakurai let out a crisp laugh at Jun’s reaction.

“I’ll take it as a yes then. Satoshi, four curry rice for us, then.”

“Right away, Sho-kun!”

~End Of Chapter 2 ~JUN~
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