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Title : TRUMP
Chapter : 1 ~JUN~
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG
Genre : AU
Fandom : Arashi
Pairing : General ; OT5 ; Matsumiya ; Yama
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly.
Summary : Matsumoto Jun is just your ordinary young man aspiring to be a fashion designer. Until one day, a mysterious man clad in black coming to bring him a news which will change his life forever. "Welcome to the TRUMP"

~Chapter 1 ~JUN~

“Earth to J!”

Jun almost burst out his drink when a voice suddenly came on his ear.

“Nino! Stop scaring me!” He spat at his offending friend.

“Hey, I’m not the one daydreaming.” Nino simply grinned as he took a seat across him. “So, what’s the matter?”

“What do you mean ‘What’s the matter’?” Jun rolled his eyes, still annoyed at the sudden call.

“Well, you’ve been weird all day. I mean, you didn’t listen to Yamaguchi-sensei’s lecture for once.” Nino gave a shrug, stealing some fries from Jun’s plate in the process.

Jun had to blush at that. It was embarassing, really. Yamaguchi-sensei’s lecture is his favourite, and he just made a fool of himself by answering a simple question wrong.

“Don’t remind me.” He sighed. “And stop stealing my food!”

Nino only let out a hearty laugh, ignoring Jun’s warning as he kept on stuffing himself with Jun’s food.

“But what’s in your mind, really? You’re not being yourself today, you know.”

Jun contemplated. Last night’s event had been bothering him a lot, but he found it hard to talk to anyone about it. But Nino is his bestfriend, and despite his brattiness, Nino always had a solution for any problems.

“I was approached by this weird man last night on my way home.” Jun said at last.

“A pervert?” Nino prompted, his eyes narrowing.

“Not that kind of weird!” Jun blushed again at Nino’s suggestion. “Just- unusual. He suddenly appeared behing me, sporting this weird suit, and handed me a letter.”

“A letter? What’d it say?” Curiousity sparked in Nino’s eyes as he leaned forward in excitement.

Jun fished out the envelope from inside his bag and handed it over to Nino, letting the older man scanned through it.

“I’m not sure what it means. It looks like a puzzle or something. And I don’t even know who that man is and what does he want. Everything is just, so sudden, and so weird.” A frown lined on Jun’s forehead. “You think you know something?”

But as Jun looked up, he was surprised at what he sees. The previous curious expression on Nino’s face all gone, replaced by a hard and skeptical look. There’s something in his eyes that Jun hasn’t seen before. And it frightened him.

“Nino? Are you alright?”

At the call of his name, Nino looked like he was brought back from a trance as he stared back at Jun’s eyes, the dangerous glint gone.

“Yeah. I, this card reminds me of that new trick I’m learning, that’s all.” Nino said with a smile. “Well, too bad, though. I’m just as clueless as you are.”

Jun knows there’s something Nino didn’t tell him. He’s not stupid. But he trusts Nino so he let it pass.

“I guess it’s just some weird man doing his weird stuff then. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything.”

“Yeah.” Nino thrusts the card back into his hands. “But you should look out just in case. You’ll never know if something might happen after this.”

Jun nodded at that.



Jun hates having to do some works late into the night. He enjoys a leisure evening, watching the stars with a glass of wine on his hand from the balcony. But he loves design, and he chose this major in order to attain his dream to be a fashion designer one day, so he’s got no room to complaint.

Still, sometimes he just dislikes going home when it’s dark already.

“I guess I should go grab some dinner while I’m at it. I really are not in the mood for some cooking right now.” He muttered to himself as he entered a random family restaurant.

“Welcome! Are you by yourself?”

At the affirmative Jun gave the waiter, he quickly led Jun to an empty table by the corner, before handing him the menu.

“Please call me when you’re ready to order!” The waiter gave a polite smile before walking off.

A loud yawn escaped Jun’s mouth as he scanned the menu. He’s in the mood for curry, and the picture of the shop’s siganature curry rice dish looks so tempting. Guess his dinner is decided.

Jun looked up to call for the waiter, when something catch his eyes.

A few tables away from him, he could see Nino talking fiercely with some unknown man. He can’t hear their conversation, of course, but Jun is quite sure that Nino is mad. His order forgotten, Jun ended up staring at the two men talking from afar.

“Excuse me, Sir, are you ready to take your order?”

The voice of the waiter startled Jun he almost jumped from his seat. But after remembering his purpose of coming here in the first place, he quickly place his order before turning his attention back to Nino and this unknown man, just as the myterious man stood up to leave. As the man walked away, Jun could catch a bit of his appearance.

He looks a few years older than either Jun and Nino, with a short dark brown hair sporting his round face. The eyeglasses adorning his face showed his intelligent. And from his outfit, Jun could guess that he’s a working man, a respectable one with many socialization to do most probably. Because despite his simple choice of clothing, the brandings showed some wealth, and from the way he looked at his watch immediately after leaving Nino tell Jun that he’s a busy man.

The question is: What business Nino has with that kind of man?

Jun is contemplating of whether he should call out for Nino or not, but before he could decide, Nino beat him to it.


“Err, hi, Nino!”


“What a coincidence to see you here. From all I know, you usually bury your head in your game at this time of hour.” Jun started as Nino sat down across him.

“Yeah. I have some business going.” Nino told him absentmindedly.

“With the man who just left?” At the incredulous look in Nino’s face, Jun looked down apologetically. “Sorry. I saw you talking with him a bit.”

Nino let out a sigh. “Nah, it’s okay. It’s not that you’re stalking me or anything. There’s not need for you to apologize.”

“Hn.” Jun nodded, just as the waiter return with his curry rice. “Have you eaten?” He asked his friend.

“Yeah. I’m okay.”

Jun gave him a nod again before spooning his curry into his mouth, letting out a delighter sound a second later.

“The picture sure did not disappoint. This curry rice is as delicious as it looked.”

“I’d say.” Nino grinned. “The chef is a great cook. I can assure you that everything is delicious here.”

“You know the chef?” Jun looked up in awe.

“Kinda.” Nino shrugged. “I got to know him for a while now. He’s rarely here though. Being too busy with his own little world. He just left the recipe and let everyone else do the works.”

“Such a peculiar man.” Jun let out a small chuckle before taking another spoonful of curry rice into his mouth. “But he’s got talent here.”

“You bet.”

The two of them fall into a comfortable silence after that. Jun busy eating the delicious treat, while Nino focused on his phone- a mobile game, most probably.

“Thanks for the food!” Jun clasped his hands together after gulping his water down. “It sure was delicious!”

Nino only grinned at his comment as Jun call for the waiter to ask for the bill.

“You’re going home after this?” Asked Nino as he pocketed his phone.

“Yeah.” Pulling out a bill from his wallet, Jun watched the waiter left again. “You?”

“I still have some things to do after this, so I guess I’ll stay around for a little longer.” Nino told him.

“I see. I’ll be taking me leave first then.” Jun collected his stuff before standing up. He’s about to walk away when Nino’s voice call his name.


Turning back, Jun waited for Nino to continue.

“I-“ Nino looked hesitated for a moment, before he broke into a smile. “Have a safe trip.”

Jun return his smile.

“Yeah. You, too.”


Jun is in a predicament.

A weird postcard just arrived at his doorstep this prior morning. No address, no sender, nothing. Just a piece of Qoeen of Spades card with yet a weird invitation written in bright ruby ink.

‘Come to the BIG-NO this coming Saturday at 6 pm sharp. Shall the moonlight enlighten your path.’

Jun read message over and over again. He recognized the name of the place. BIG-NO is that restaurant he visited a couple of days back where he had this encounter with Nino and the mysterious man.

He’s not sure about this. This could be a scam or something. A trap for Jun. With so little information regarding the invitation, Jun has every rights to ignore the message and throw the card away. But for some reason he doesn’t know, Jun found himself the next Saturday at the entrance of BIG-NO, the card clutched tightly around his fingers.

“You can still back down from this, Jun.” He told himself softly as he hesitating whether to enter the shop or not.

“I see that you’re here already.”

A voice come from behind Jun, startling him. Letting out a silent curse under his breath, Jun’s mind slightly wondered if people are ganging up on him somehow, because he had been surprised one too many by a person’s call as of lately.

As Jun turned around to face the newcomer, he widened his eyes in surprise at the sight. That mysterious man who was with Nino the last time is now standing right in front of him.

“What are you waiting for then? Come one in.” The man said after a moment, walking pass Jun and into the restaurant.

Knowing that he just lost his chance to walk away, Jun followed the man inside. Surprisingly, no one came to welcome them. In fact, the whole restaurant is empty, with the exception of one occupied table by the middle of the room in which two men had already sat. Looking back, only then that Jun realized that the restaurant is closed for the day. Meaning that this mysterious man-who seemd to be his invitor- had probably booked the whole place just for their conversation.

Following closely behind the man, Jun sat down at his appointed seat, looking around his company for the first time. Aside from the mysterious man, Jun found this sleepy-looking yet seemingly kind man smiling at him from his right. And on his left is—


~End of Chapter 1 ~JUN~
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