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Title : Refrain ~Bokutachi No Monogatari~
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG
Genre : AU ; Angst ; Friendship
Fandom : Arashi
Pairing : Sakuraiba (Friendship)
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly.. The title, is again, shamelessly taken from one of my favorite Arashi's song, Refrain..
Summary : Sho had been living a normal college life with his roommate slash bestfriend, Masaki.. Until he found out the dark secret lies behind those smiles..

Chapter 7

Sho found it hard to digest the information he just received. What was that man talking about ? Was he really trying to tell him that the Aiba Masaki he knows is not actually Aiba Masaki ? How can that be possible ? Sho just can’t picture the always smiling and clumsy Masaki to be the cold-blooded killer behind those death.

“M-Masaki ? What is he talking about ? He-He’s joking, right ?” Sho turned at Masaki to ask for a confirmation, but when Masaki could only look away anguishly, everything dawned upon Sho.

“Masaki ? Tell me he wasn’t telling the truth..” Sho tried, but Masaki still avoiding his eyes. “Masaki !” Sho lost his temper and grabbed Masaki by his collar.

“He was telling the truth, Sho.” Masaki said in the end, voice defeated. “I am not who you think I am.”

“Are you, are you telling me you’ve been deceiving me all this time ?” Sho asked in disbelief.

“About my identity, yes.” Masaki said almost in a whisper, and that’s when Sho lost it.

“How could you ?! I thought we’re friends, Masaki ! How could you used and deceived me like that !” Sho screamed from the top of his lungs, his breathing ragged.

“But that doesn’t mean that I was faking my feelings toward you !” Masaki screamed back, eyes brimmed with unshed tears. “I really thought of you as a friend, Sho, my bestfriend. Sometimes I just wished I could’ve met you earlier, then perhaps, things won’t be as complicated as it is now.”

Masaki broke away from Sho’s grip while wiping his eyes hastily.

“Now what, Master ? You’ve ruined my life now. And then what ? You want to punish me ? Or kill me ? Go on, I don’t care anymore.” Masaki  turned to face Ninomiya, all fear abandoned. At this point, Masaki is careless at the consequence he might face in the future for talking back to his Master rudely like that.

“I only have one order for you, Shin.” Ninomiya said slyly, seemingly ignoring Masaki’s rude remarks. “That is, for you to erase that boy’s existence.”

Just as he said that, Ninomiya pulled a gleaming knife from inside his coat’s pocket and offered it for Masaki to take. Masaki widened his eyes in surprise, he clearly did not anticipate the words coming from the man.

“What’s wrong, Shin ? Are you going to deny me, your Master, your Saviour ?” Ninomiya lifted his head as if mocking them.

Masaki bit his lips. Ninomiya is indeed his Master, the one who had saved his life once. Without Ninomiya, Masaki would have died years ago, rotten in a dirty cell where no one would bother to even come to. Ninomiya is the saviour of his life. But Sho, Sho is important to him too. Sho is his bestfriend, the one who always stay by his side no matter what. Sho is, the saviour of his soul.

"No, I cannot allow that."

Masaki was sure that Ninomiya is raged by his denial.

“Shin !” Ninomiya roared. “You should listen to me and me only !”

“Weren’t you the one who told me that I’m a free man ?” Masaki roared back, and he could see Ninomiya being taken aback by his words. “Have you forgotten, Ninomiya-sama ? On that day you found and saved me, when you released the chains which bounded me, that I’m finally free ? That I can do whatever I want ?”

“I-“ Ninomiya looked away, as if refusing Masaki’s words.

"Tell me to do anything and everything, Master. Tell me to provoke people into suicides, or to dirty my own hands to erase one's existence, even to kill my own self, I would gladly do any of those things.” Masaki said desperately. “But please, allow me to make just one wish as a free man. Sakurai Sho has nothing to do with us, please let him go."

"W-wha- ?" The surprise on Ninomiya's face turned into that of an angry beast in an instant. "Did that brat over there brainwashed you, Shin ?! Or did he threaten you so bad that you're too scared to even make a move on him ?! Tell me, Shin ! Tell me and I will erase your doubts and worries ! For you to be able to perform your duty, I-"

"But I am doing my duties !" Half-shouting, Masaki was flustered at what he had done. "And it's not like Sho has done anything to me at all, it's just that, his very presence, it is something that I have to protect no matter what. Because for me, he is the only one different from the rest of the people of this filthy world. I had made a vow to myself, Master, that I will protect Sho and the hope he’s carrying within him."

"Hope ? What hope ?" The coldness in Ninomiya's voice was so intense that Masaki could feel it piercing his skin.

Masaki bit his lower lip as he looked away, apparently hesitant in the words he is about to say.

"Answer me, Shin ! What exactly is this nonsense you were spurting ?!"

"I know that I'm not making any sense, alright !?" Masaki exploded, his eyes shone from the suppressed emotions he held within. "I am fully aware that this world is filled with nothing but filthy human beings, and that it was our purpose to clean this world from such being ! But when I'm with Sho, I couldn't stop myself from feeling happy and content for real ! Whenever I'm with Sho, I could forget about the world and smile from the depth of my heart ! Whenever I'm with Sho, I couldn't help but feel that everything will be okay ! That if we never give up, something good will come out eventually ! Whenever I'm with Sho, I was always entertained with the thought that hope exist as long as you believed in them ! That living actually worth something...”

"Worth ? What does it worth to live in this world ?!"

"It always worth something." Not only Ninomiya and Masaki, but Sho himself was surprised at the words he was saying. But realizing that there's no backing out now, he gulped and continue. "By being grateful for who you are and the life given to you, you are already worth something. The sense of achievement when you managed to do something people expected you to do, the feeling of contentment when you heard the sound of chirping birds the first thing in the morning, the excitement of facing the unexpected everyday..."

Sho then shifted his gaze and his eyes met Masaki's surprised one. Sho felt the anger within him dissipated, and it was replaced with something else, something warmer. After he calmed down, Sho finally could see everything more clearly. Masaki, Shin, whoever he is, it doesn’t really matter to him. The man had went through a lot, and Sho could only imagine the sufferings he went through. And to hear about Masaki’s feeling at him, of the times they spent together, Sho couldn’t stop himself from seeing past Masaki’s sins and remembering the Masaki he came to know. The Masaki he came to treasured.

And so he smiled.

"The times you spent with those important people. How you laughed, or cried, or smiled, or angry, everything made you worthy as a human being. Because it's important to you, that's why it is like your treasures that you will protect with your all. For me, every encounters that I've come across is my treasure, that is of course, including my encounter with Masaki. I believe that there are things Masaki treasured as well." Sho chuckled when he caught a sight of a blushing Masaki who averted his gaze away. He then turned to face Ninomiya, his features sharpened thought the gentleness remained. "For you too, I'm sure there is something you want to protect with your all at all cost. Your treasures."

"Nonsense !" Ninomiya roared, ready to launch another rage when Masaki stopped him.

“Please, Master. Let’s just, let it go, okay ? I will return to you and obey your every orders. I will forget life with Sho and the rest of the world and offer myself to you only. That’s why, please let Sho go and forget this, okay ?” Masaki begged him, and Sho stared at him with a mixed feeling fo sadness and disbelief.


Masaki turned to face him and smiled. “This is for the best, Sho-chan. But- You wanna know my treasures, Sho-chan ? Those were the times I spent with you. Because when I’m with you, I could see the world in various colours and enjoy life to the fullest. It was a short time, but I truly treasured those moments.” A tear fell down from Masaki’s eyes before he continued, “Goodbye, Sho-chan.”

Masaki turned around and is about to leave and take Ninomiya away with him, when he found the said man stood still in his position.

“No ! I can’t allow this ! I can’t let that man who had brainwashed Shin to live ! I just can’t !”

Masaki could feel danger coming from Ninomiya as he hissed angrily while glaring at Sho with eyes filled with venom.

“Sho ! Run !”

But before Sho could react, Ninomiya already made a run towards him, pointing the knife he had been holding right at him. And Sho closed his eyes as knew he was doomed when he felt himself falling backwards.

But the only pain he felt was from the impact his back made with the ground.

Sho slowly opened his eyes and suddenly felt a weight on his body. From his view, he could see Ninomiya looming over him, face contorted in horror. He gazed his eyes down and saw Masaki’s body toppling him. Sho was confused. Did Masaki just pushed him to protect him ? But why did Ninomiya looked fearful ?

That’s when Sho heard a groan coming from Masaki as the man lifted his own body away from Sho.

“Sho ? Are you alright ?” Masaki asked him, and Sho can’t help but notice the pain in his voice.

“I’m alright.” Sho nodded his head dumbly as he too rose from his lying position.

“No... This can’t be...” Ninomiya stepped back hastily, face still wide in shock.

Sho was about to question Ninomiya’s weird attitude when Masaki’s body suddenly fell and out of reflect, Sho catch him before he hit the floor.

“Masaki ?!”

“Aah, I’m sorry. I didn’t think the bloodloss will make me light-headed.” Masaki said with a weak smile, and it was then Sho realized that Masaki had been gripping on his waist the whole time, and that blood is oozing out from the wound Masaki seemingly received when he covered for Sho.

“Why did you-?”

“I said it, right ? That I had vowed to myself that I will protect you no matter what.” Masaki said with a smile and Sho felt himself tearing.

But Masaki gave Sho no room to fuss over him as he turned his face toward the still scared-looking Ninomiya.

“Ninomiya-sama, I’m sorry, that I can’t be the one you wanted me to be. I had always doubted everything we’d done, and my meeting with Sho assured me that we were wrong the whole time.” Masaki gasped, and Sho noticed how much effort Masaki needed just to stay awake. “You will always be someone I respect, no matter what wrong-doings you’ve done or you made me do. But that’s exactly why, I don’t want you to fall even deeper to the darkness.”

“Masaki, please stop talking.” Sho said as he fished out his phone with trembling hands and dialed an ambulance. “It could wait for later, ‘kay ? Let’s just, let’s save your energy for now.”

But Masaki only gave him a smile as he shook his head slowly.

“We are men of sin, Ninomiya-sama.” Masaki continued, colour leaving his face and breathing shallow. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a second chance to change. That’s why-“ Masaki gasped again, it seems like he find breathing is a diffcult task now. “That’s why, won’t you give this world another chance, too ? I’m sure you aren’t always who you are, that you’ve become like this after facing a certain misery. But Ninomiya-sama, I’m sure you’ll refind the light if you will just try to view the world differently. I’m sure you’ll refind your happiness.”

Masaki winced as he gasped for air again.

“Masaki !”

The tall man turned toward Sho and give him the warmest smile Sho ever see.

“Sho, I’m sorry, for deceiving you and giving you hurtful memories.” Masaki told him. “But please believe me when I said that my feelings towards you wasn’t fake. You are truly an important person in my life, Sho. At least, I want you to believe in that.”

Sho said nothing as he cried while cradling Masaki’s body.

"Ah, I made you cry. I'm sorry, I must have made you real upset." A small frown is formed on Masaki's forehead. "I could only be a bother to you, even now, that I'm at my end. I really am sorry."

"Stop apologizing, you idiot !" Sho shouted, while his hands wrapped even tighter on Masaki's body. "Didn't I always said, that we're bestfriends so no matter what you do, I will always forgive you ! So don't you dare apologizing now as if you're saying goodbye, you fool !"

"Sho-chan ?"

"There are still things that we haven't done, alright ?! Like that trip to Okinawa's hotspring ! Or that free tickets from YokoYu to the amusement park ! We haven't gone to that new shop near the station as well ! And we even haven't done our summer’s assignments yet ! And about our dream to go around the world ! Who will bug me over those silly things if you're gone now, huh ?" Sho shouted with all his might, half-wishing it will keep Masaki awake.

"Sho-chan-" Masaki sighed. "Really, what would you do without me ?"

Sho cried harder, remembering very well the words he always said to Masaki when the man is in trouble.

"But if it is you, I think you will do just fine. I'm sure of it. After all, you're the great Sakurai Sho-kun."

Sho looked down, seeing at how Masaki smiled so radiantly at him.

"You should go to that hotspring in Okinawa. And to not use that free tickets would be a waste. And make sure you visit that new shop and see how the meals' taste. You can forget about the assignments though, in exchange, try your best in fulfilling that dream to go around the world soon after you graduate ! But college first is fine too. Because you will live long and happily enjoying your everydays as always. Right ?"

"But I- without you, I-"

"Sho-chan." Masaki looked up, his eyes filled with desperation. "Thank you. Thank you so much for always being there for me."

Trying his best to suppress the new batch of tears, Sho nodded his head, before burying it deep into Masaki's chest, not minding how it'd dirtied him. It felt like forever when the loud sound of sirene is heard. But he had felt Masaki’s body fell limp on his arms long before the ambulance came and the paramedics forced him away from his embrace. Sho wailed, begging them not to take Masaki away, when two strong arms pulled him back and he was suddenly faced with his Uncle’s anguish look.

“Uncle- I- Masaki- We- !” Sho tried, but failed to explain things to the man.

“It’s okay, Sho.” The man gave his shoulder a squeeze. “Don’t you worry, the paramedics are trying to save Masaki-kun right now. Let’s just believe in them.”

And the Sho was reminded that there is another man along with them in that abandoned warehouse.

“Uncle ! That Ninomiya guy- !”

“We’ve already captured him.” His Uncle pointed to the other police officer who dragged Ninomiya who still seemed to be in a daze. “And you don’t have to explain a thing. I know already. About that Ninomiya man, and his relation with Masaki-kun.”

“How- ?”

“Your other friend, Kazama Shunsuke-kun ? He came to us this morning and confessed everything. He told us that Ninomiya had went insane and that we are the only one who could save Masaki-kun from Ninomiya’s wrath.” His Uncle told him quietly.

“What will you do to Masaki then ?” Sho couldn’t help but ask, face filled with fear.

“I don’t know, Sho.” His Uncle gave a long sigh. “True to be told, I just don’t know what to do.” His Uncle must have sensed how it affected Sho, so the man added a moment later, “For the time being, let’s just hope that everything will turn out well. Both for you, and for Masaki-kun.”

Sho said nothing as he simply nodded at his Uncle’s words. He could only rely on miracles now.


One chapter left I think~
Please enjoy and let me know what you think about it~

Date: 2015-08-05 11:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nadzsanz.livejournal.com
My tearsss,,,, Dx

please dont kill masaki and please let they fullfil their promise

what will happen to nino?
Oh.. So much to know. Huhu.

Only one chapter? Make it a longgg one ne. Hihi

Thank you dear! :)

Date: 2015-08-06 02:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Aww~ *offers you tissue*

I don't want to kill Masaki, trust me.. T.T

Well, I guess you will find them out on the next chapter.. :)

Nooo ! Please don't make me write a long story or else I will never stop ! >,<

You're welcome~
And thanks for dropping by~

Date: 2015-08-05 02:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] atenea005.livejournal.com
ohhh nooooooooooo I hope they can save him poor Aiba ;( they have so manything for doing ne ;(
and Ninomiya???....

thank you for update!

Date: 2015-08-06 02:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Let's just hope that Aiba can be saved.. :(
And for Nino to find his happiness..

You're welcome~
And thanks for dropping by as well~

Date: 2015-08-05 07:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ohmiya3104.livejournal.com
NO !!
Don't kill Masaki, please!! He should live with Sho a happy life.
And Nino ? If it's possible I want him to be happy also, outside the jail.

One chapter left :'( *sad*
Thanks for updating ~

Date: 2015-08-06 02:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
I don't want to kill Masaki, too ! >,<
Let's hope Nino can find his happiness too, okay ? :)

Yepp.. One chapter left..
You're welcome~
And thanks for dropping by as well~

Date: 2015-08-06 06:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yumn-yumi.livejournal.com

Ah~ you make me cry. Byt, please... just pleasee... safe Masaki. (><。)
Sho can't be alone. No don't...
Looking forward for the next chapter. That will be the last, nee. ^ ^

Date: 2015-08-14 04:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Aww~ I'm sorry~ >,< *offers you tissue*

Please do look forward for the last chapter~
And thanks for dropping by~


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