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Title : Refrain ~Bokutachi No Monogatari~
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG
Genre : AU ; Angst ; Friendship
Fandom : Arashi
Pairing : Sakuraiba (Friendship)
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly.. The title, is again, shamelessly taken from one of my favorite Arashi's song, Refrain..
Summary : Sho had been living a normal college life with his roommate slash bestfriend, Masaki.. Until he found out the dark secret lies behind those smiles..

Chapter 6

Shin could only touch his aching cheek from his slumped position on the floor. He could still hear the angry huffing Ninomiya made as the man stood still at his position after sending a strike at Shin’s cheek.

“You ! After everything I did, you- !”

Ninomiya must have been so mad he can’t form a proper sentence. Shin was too afraid to look up at his Master, and so he just stare at the ground in fear while listening carefully at Ninomiya who seemed to be trying to compose his breathing. Seconds later, he heard Ninomiya walking away and a creaking sound of wood scratching the floor was an indication that the man had decided to took his seat.

“Stand up, Shin.” He gave an order, voice cold.

Shin stood up as he was told, but still avoiding eye-contacts.

“I allowed you to share a room with that friend of yours. I let you have a second life with your new identity and put a blind eye on what you did as your other persona.” Ninomiya halted, as if trying to keep his emotion at bay. “I only ask one thing from you in return, Shin. Just one thing. That is for you to listen to my order without question. Is that too much to ask ?”

Shin shook his head, not trusting his voice to answer Ninomiya’s question.

A long sigh could be heard coming from Ninomiya’s mouth, and Shin felt more than see the man leaning back on his chair tiredly.

“That boy has started to rub on you too much, Shin. And I don’t like it one bit.” At those words, Shin immediately looked up to see straight into Ninomiya’s piercing eyes. “And if you don’t be careful the next time, I can’t promise you his safety. You know what I’m capable of, Shin. You better understand.”

Shin bit his lips hard he could taste blood. But he nodded his head nevertheless. Because he know what the man will be doing if he did otherwise.

“Good boy.” A smile is formed on Ninomiya’s thin lips. “You will spend the night here today, Shin. I will make sure you remember your purpose well.”

Shin stared at the man in horror. This could only mean one thing, and Shin vowed to himself years ago not to relive those times the second time. It was the worst day of his live he just wanted to erase from his memories.

“Please, Ninomiya-sama. Please don’t punish me.” Shin could only whimper as he hung his head low, knowing exactly that the man won’t change his mind.

“I won’t do something bad to you, Shin. I will just remind you of who you truly are and where do you belong.” A malicious grin is all over Ninomiya’s face. “And tomorrow, I will send you back to that dreamworld of yours with you remembering to whom you should always listen to.”


“Masaki, you’re going somewhere ?”

The called boy turned his body around and flashed Sho a smile.

“Yeah. I have some business for a while. But don’t worry, I’ll be back before midnight !” He wave at Sho before walking away.

“Be careful, okay ? I heard from Uncle that another person just died around the area.” Sho followed Masaki to the front door while voicing out his worry.

“Sho-chan worries too much. I’m a big guy already, I can take care of myself, Sho-chan.” Masaki assured him, placing his two hands on Sho’s sloping shoulders.

“Contact me if anything happen, okay ? I will be waiting.” Sho said, still cannot get rid of his worry.

“Roger, Mum !” Masaki grinned mischiviously before heading out. “Ittekimaa~su.


“Eh ? What do you mean, Ninomiya-sama ?”

Ninomiya closed his eyes as he took his time to answer the question.

“Exactly as I said, Shin. I’m not giving you a permission to leave this house until further notice.” Ninomiya repeated the words he just said a minute ago.

“But-“ Shin tried to argue. “How about my college ? And my friends ? They surely will notice that something is wrong if I didn’t return ?”

“I already take care of them. Shun will be your cover for the meantime.” Ninomiya explained calmly.


“Are you trying to defy my, Shin ?” The man throw a cold look at Shin, face intimidating.

Shin could only hung his head low. “No, Master.”

“So you will listen to my order and stay here, right ?”

Shin has to fight the urge to say no and nod his head. “Yes, Master. I will stay.”

“Good boy. Now go, Shun is outside to show you your room.”


“I told you, Shin.”

Shin just rolled his eyes as he throw his coat on the bed rather harshly.

“Shut up, Shun !” He hissed at the younger man.

Shun only sigh as he walked away from the angered man.

“I will tell you if something happen. For the meantime, try not to get into the Master’s nerve.”

And with that, Shun closed the bedroom door. Shin faintly heard a clicking sound from behind the door, and when he went to check, he found the door is locked. All windows are barred with hard steel, making no room for Shin to escape. And to add it up, the Master just confiscated his phone, making him isolated inside the room without any contacts with other people. Shin sighed as he resigned to his fate and lied on top of the bed dejectedly.

“How come things become this messy ?”


Shin didn’t know how much days have passed since he was confined inside that room. Until one day, the door is opened, but instead of Shun who usually brought his daily meal, it’s that bulky guy who came instead.

“What is it ?” He asked warily, not really wanting to argue.

The man said nothing though, as he only walked closer to where Shin is. And when he’s right in front of him, he strike at the back of Shin’s head, making him lose his consciousness immediately.


Sho ran in a hurry while checking on his phone every once in a while. Masaki had not returned to home that night, and it had been almost a week since he last saw Masaki. Kazama-kun told him and the others that Masaki suddenly had to return to his hometown because his Mother fell ill, and Sho had believed in the story at first. But after a while, Masaki still haven’t contacted him, neither did he answer his mails nor calls. And it made Sho worry. He even told his Uncle about this but his Uncle only told him that Masaki will be fine.

Talking about his Uncle, he seemed to be very busy lately. He heard that the serial murder cases are progressing real fast lately and that was the reason his Uncle is constantly moving around from places to places.

Back to the main issue though, not ten minutes ago, Sho received a mail from Masaki, but the content of the mail quickly wiped the excited grin from Sho’s face at hearing from the guy after a while.

As soon as he read the last word of the mail, Sho quickly made a dash to the place mentioned inside the mail, not caring about anything else. He could feel his heart thumping in uneasiness as he got closer and closer to the destination.

‘From : Masaki
To : Sho-chan
Subject : None

If you want this boy save, come to the abandoned warehouse at Kamakura-cho, near the shore.’

And on the attachment of the mail, came a picture where Sho could clearly see an unconscious Masaki tied to a chair.

“Masaki, please be okay !”

Sho bent down as he tried to catch his breath. After he regained his breath back, Sho gulped down a huge amount of air before entering the abandoned warehouse written on the mail. He made his way carefully, trying to locate Masaki’s whereabout. He had forwarded the mail to his Uncle just in case though, so Sho could only hope his Uncle will come before things went from worse to worst.

Sho entered one of the room on his left and scanned the whole room before widening his eyes in surprise. There, by the corner of the room, sat the still unconscious Masaki.

“Masaki !” Sho yelled in a spontaneous reaction and rushed to where he is. “Masaki, wake up !” Sho called as he tried to loosen the tie around Masaki’s body.


Sho heard a pained groan coming from Masaki’s mouth as the boy slowly regained his consciousness.

“Sho-chan ?” Sho could see Masaki’s eyes slowly opened and he looked at him confusedly, still trying to grasp the situation. “Wha- ?”

“Shh.. It’s okay, Masaki. I’ll get you out of here.” Sho tried to console the man as he tried again on the rope, cursing as the knot is very tight it’s hard for him to untie.

“Sho-chan ! Watch out !” Masaki yelled out of the blue right after Sho released the knot and push Sho out of the way, resulting in the two of them lying on the floor with Masaki on top of him.

“Ouch !” Sho groaned in pain as he rise from his position, helping Masaki up too in the process. “Masaki, what- ?”

Just as Sho was about to ask Masaki as to why he suddenly pushed him, he noticed a knife is stucked on the chair where Masaki previously sat on. Only then he realized that someone was trying to throw the knife at him.

“Sho, stand back behind me.” Masaki suddenly whispered as he stood in front of Sho.

It was then Sho realized someone else’s presence aside from him and Masaki inside the room. A man on his late thirty, with a sly smirk on his face, slowly making his way to where the two of them stood.

“What are you planning ?” Masaki asked, his voice filled with anger.

“I’ve warned you, Shin. I’ve warned you not to get too involved, but you decided by yourself to go against me.” The man said with mock pity. “And now, I had to do this in order to make you remember where you truly belong.”

“You-“ Masaki hissed dangerously at the man.

As for Sho, he is currently trapped between confusion and fear. He didn’t know who that man referred to as Shin, and as to why Masaki reacted this way. And never in his entire life, Sho ever saw Masaki this angry. In fact, Masaki never got angry before, no matter how much a certain thing pissed him off. And to Sho, the view of Masaki in rage is simply frightening.

“Allow me to introduce myself, young man.” The man said calmly, that annoying smirk still on his face. “My name is Ninomiya Kazunari. And that boy over there, is my protege, Shin.”


Shin had to miss school for a week straight from the fever right after that night Ninomiya gave him a punishment. He started to wonder, as to why Ninomiya went that far just because Shin said that he didn’t feel like doing what he had been doing anymore. But Shin was too scared and too pained to care. His flatmate fussed over him, and Shun would stay with him when he wasn’t around, eyes showing pity.

Shin had snorted at him, of how he shouldn’t feel any pity toward Shin, but Shun denied and instead telling him that he’s doing that out of care. Shun is the same kind as Shin, the abandoned and forgotten child nobody but Ninomiya care to look at. But Shun have yet to do the job Shin had been doing because Ninomiya insisted that he wasn’t ready yet. And Shin has to agree, seeing at how Shun was traumatized with death, a result of his bitter past.

Shun had told him that he should just break it off with that roommate of his, knowing exactly that he’s the reason Shin had to suffer now. But Shin had refused. Because no matter what Ninomiya and Shun had said, the other boy had become a much to treasured being for him now, and he simply can’t let him go.

“By being with him, I can forget that I’m Shin the murderer for once.” Shin said, a serene smile on his face. “By being with him, I could be the happy-go-lucky Aiba Masaki who cares nothing about the world. And that’s when I feel most alive.”


Ja-jaaan !
The revelation at long last ! *grins*

I know most of you had guessed this, you guys are so sharp~ >,<

Well, do tell me your thoughts about this chapter~ I'm excited to see your respond.. :)

Date: 2015-07-30 04:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] atenea005.livejournal.com
wow Shin is Aiba!!! WOW but now Sho could knows the true Nin tell him jbhhfhvcf I want to know more!!

thank you for update!!:)

Date: 2015-07-31 01:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Congratulations~ *throws confetti*

Yepp. Shin is Aiba.. And yepp. Sho found out the truth from Neen..
Please wait to know more~ >,<

You're welcome~
And thanks for dropping by as well~

Date: 2015-07-30 07:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Now how things will turn out for them? I expected Nino will do something to Sho at last, but I never thought he will do it with his own hands. Sho must be shocked to find out the truth about Shin.
Ugh my heart ,>_< Thank You SO much for sharing!

Date: 2015-07-31 01:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
How indeed..
Well, Nino is somehow unpredictable..
And one can only imagine how Sho is feeling right now..

You're welcome~
And thanks for dropping by as well~

Date: 2015-07-30 09:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] arashi4storm.livejournal.com
waaaa!!!!! another chapter!
This is getting so freakin' suspenseful that I don't know what to do! skhfalksdfhj oh my, oh my!! Nino! Don't be such a jerk and let Sho away! And our beloved Aiba/Shin <3
I seriously hope they will be able to fight against Nino, but he looks like he is really strong!
A nice chapter! :) Have a nice day!

Date: 2015-07-31 02:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Yepp~ Another chapter~

Is it ? Well, you will be expecting for more suspense in the next chapter I suppose.. *grins*
Let's just hope, that Nino will come to his senses and happy ending awaited them all..

I will do my best~
Aww~ Thanks~ Have a nice day to you too~
And thanks for dropping by~

Date: 2015-07-30 04:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ohmiya3104.livejournal.com
Yes, just as I guessed it !!
I curious to know about Aiba's past, and Nino.
Ehhh, what will happened now ?! Sho will know about Shin, and Nino planning to do something to Aiba&Sho.
I want more ~ Now it's become more interesting ~

Waiting for the next ~

Date: 2015-07-31 03:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Yepp~ Just as you've guessed.. *grins*

Hnn.. Aiba's past has been revealed in parts throughout the story, but I guess you'll get more explanation (of both Nino's and Aiba's pasts) in future chapters~
Please do wait for more~ >,<

Thanks for dropping by~

Date: 2015-07-31 04:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yumn-yumi.livejournal.com

Poor Masaki... he have to be someone else, doing something that he never want too. I can't read this again, that make my heart broke. *but I still curious, hehe..*
I really hope they will be okay. Sho, I hope he still can stand with Aiba when Nino tell the truth about him. (><。)

Date: 2015-07-31 05:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Poor him indeed..
Aww~ Don't be like that.. Please continue reading~ >,<

Let's just, hope for the best..

Thanks for dropping by~


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