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Title : Black Saint
Arc 3 - Thunderbird
Chapitre 21 - The Eyes That See
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG-13 (For languanges in some chapters)
Genre : AU ; Angst
Pairing : YutoYama ; NakaChii ; OkaYama ; more will come as the story evolves..
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly..
Summary for Arc 3 : Threads are severed, trusts are wavered.. Through all the cold storms and the raging inferno, wrapped inside the unending cries of pain, a tiny part of his heart still waiting for that love he longed..

~~~Arc 3 - Chapitre 21 - The Eyes That See~~~

When Yuu suddenly emerged from behind him, a sympathethic yet encouraging look on his face, Yuto never felt more relieved. The man had sent him a silent note of taking care of the boy on his arms, while he himself will take care of other things.

Nodding his head gratefully, Yuto hoisted Ryosuke up and left. He believe that Yuu will do everything he could about Ryosuke's father. For now, he has other things to take care off.

Yuto was lucky that he decided to rent for a car beforehand, in which he carefully place the sleeping guy on the passenger seat, fasting his seatbelt, before taking his own place and drive away.

It was a short ride. Not thirty minutes later had he arrived at Ryosuke's family condo. He parked his car in front of the house, before picking Ryosuke up on his back and proceeded to the huge door.

He was, as expected, was welcomed by surprise look coming from Ryosuke's butler. But before he could ask for more, Yuto cut him off by asking him where Ryosuke's room is so he could laid him down. He told the man he will explain properly after Ryosuke is tucked and safe under the cover.

Kota simply nodded his head as he lead the way to where his Young Master's bedroom is. Quickly locating the king-sized bed by the middle of the room, Yuto carefully put the sleeping boy on his bed. He realized Kota disappearing when he took off Ryosuke's shoes, only to heard him returning when he proceed on Ryosuke's dirty sweater.

As soon as he's within reach, Kota politely asked him to move back as he cleaned Ryosuke's wounds as carefully as possible without waking the boy up. He then put band-aids on the small cuts, and rolling a bandage over the long cut on his arm.

"What had happened ? Why did Bocchan covered in bruises and cuts ?" Kota asked, concern thick in his voice.

"Things happened." Yuto heaved a sigh. "I will tell you everything. But before that, could you please call Ryosuke's mother and brother, too ? This is something both of them has to know."

Kota looked like he wanted to say something, but he held back and bowed instead. A little over ten minutes later, he returned with Ryosuke's mother and brother in tow, politely asking him to join them at the recreation room.

He saw Ryosuke's mother gave a deep frown as he passed her by, looking concernedly to her youngest son's direction, before following closely to where Kota led them to.

After situating himself in a comfortable position on his seat, while carefully arranging his words within his head, Yuto finally turned his gaze to the other three who were waiting for him to start speaking.

"Before I proceed, first of all, I would like to send you my deepest consolation for your lost." He managed a polite bow, receiving weird looks from the other occupants.

"May you explain as to why you should be sorry, Nakajima-kun ?" The lady asked him, confusion written on her face.

Yuto made a bitter smile as he wandered back to the previous incident.

"Your husband, Karin-san, had just jumped off of the cliff. And I'm sorry to say, that the probability of him surviving is very little." Yuto closed his eyes as he heard surprised gasps coming from the three. "And unfortunately, it was Ryosuke who witnessed it all. The one who heard his own father's last words before he leapt." He then re-open his eyes. "And I might be rude to tell you this in place of him, but for the very least, I'd like to help him by not making him re-living the incident by having him tell the story. I hope you don't mind."

And as the other three exchanged looks before giving him their consent to continue, Yuto tell them everything.


Ryosuke said nothing when he woke up and found him by his side. Instead, he seemed to ignore his presence as the shorter boy walked slowly to the window-side. For a moment, both of them let themselves be drowned by the silence, before Ryosuke broke it and start speaking.

"Have you heard anything yet ?"

And Yuto didn't have to ask to know what Ryosuke meant by his question.

"Yuu is still searching." He told the boy softly.

Ryosuke closed his eyes as he leaned forward and place his forehead on the cool surface of the glass.

"A senior once told me that I am a God of Death. Even being young, never once did I hesitate to complete my mission and killed the enemies. He told me that when I'm on a roll, everyone around me won't ever survive. And the next time, he was the one who lost his life in a mission the two of us are working on."

Yuto said nothing even after Ryosuke had stopped speaking. He knew that there are more to it, and the boy needed to let them out.

"On his last breaths, choking on his own blood, that senior smirked at me, telling me that he was right about me being a God of Death. Being around me only means death to others. I was sure that he loathed me for being so, because it killed him, but instead, he told me that he was proud of me, and asked me to train myself and control that gift given to me. He said he was blessed for ever having the chance to work with me."

Yuto walked quietly closer to where Ryosuke is, before taking a seat beside him, waiting for him to continue.

"Everyone always said that he's a bit peculiar, and that he's too kind to be an assassin. But I've seen him up close, that despite his peculiarity and kindness, he's someone with real skills. He could pull the team together and taught us how to carry out our missions effectively. And that day, the day we lost our Captain, I took his words to heart. I thought of them as an honour and gave it my all to be that someone he wanted me to be."

Yuto watched Ryosuke's face contorted, as if he was reminscing thing he didn't want to.

"But it appears, that the title God of Death really becomes of me, because everytime, one by one, people around me died. And they kept on dying and dying and dying, and I just want them to stop dying ! I wish I was never a God of Death ! I wish he never told me I am one because then I won't have to blame myself for every death happening around me !"

Ryosuke let out a frustated yell as he gripped at his hair tight.

"Now that I think about it, perhaps he was only being sarcastic that day. That he actually wished he never met me at all, so he could still continue living and be the proud Captain everybody loves. Perhaps, that is what I should be. To be gone, so that no one will have to die because of me anymore."

And that's when Yuto's hand react before his mind told it what to do, and gave Ryosuke a good punch in the face, sending him to the floor. Ryosuke was surprised at the sudden attack, and could only stared at him with confusion filled his eyes.

"Wha- ?"

"Didn't you tell me yourself ? Over and over again in the past, on how Aiba-taichou is too kind for his own good ? On how you adored him for being able to maintain his innocence despite the things which rolled around him ? And you're not the only one who thought so. You're not the only one who respected him. We all are. He never differentiate us, no matter from which gate we came from. He would always greet us in a too-cheerful-voice every single day. He was all praises and laughters. He would never, ever thought that way about you."

Yuto let out the words in one big breath, panting tiredly after he's done. And as he loooked at Ryosuke's beaten look, his face softened as he crouched down to help the boy up.

"I believe Aiba-taichou meant good. I'm sure he never blamed you for anything, and by his words, I thought he meant it as a way for you to cultivate your skills more and be a better person. Didn't he always told us before, that eventhough we're people called assassin, we do it to help people, and so we should do our duties with our head held high and smile. Because we're doing the right thing."

Ryosuke looked down at his words, as if trying to process the words.

"People die eventually, Ryosuke. And it's not necessarily your fault that people died around you. It's just the way it should be, and not because of you. I'm sure that Aiba-taichou thought the same as well."

He offered the boy a smile as he looked up and stared at his eyes, before a shy grin appeared on his face.

"It's Five, you know." Ryosuke told him at last.

"Hmm ?"

"It's Five-taichou." Ryosuke repeated himself. "Aiba-taichou always insisted on us calling him by his codename, while scolding us to never look at the database for his real name. Eventhough it was he himself who told us his name when he first introduced himself."

"Somehow, I can relate." Yuto grinned as he recalled the first time he met the peculiar man.

"I'm glad he was my Captain." Ryosuke said out of the blue, eyes seeing far to the past, before it fell after sometimes. "I can only hope that this is the best. Both for Father, and for the rest of us."

Yuto let out a small smile before patting the shorter's head.

"Don't you worry. Everything will be alright, I promise."

~~~End Of Arc 3 - Chapitre 21 - The Eyes That See~~~

Date: 2015-05-28 10:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ghiekaye-20.livejournal.com
Aww.... Yuto is so sweet ne >.<

So he really knows what will happen that time, he is Neverwhere after all >.<

And Ryosuke you can do it, Yuto's always there to support you :D

Hope what happens will not trigger any negative things to him ne...

I'll wait for the next chapter :D


Date: 2015-05-29 04:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
Yuu more or less knows, but Yuto doesn't..

Let's just hope that things will go for the better, 'kay ? >,<

Please do wait~
And thanks for your support~

Date: 2015-05-28 10:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shida-1110.livejournal.com
emm...TQ so much for update. please upate soon. =D

Date: 2015-05-29 04:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
You're welcome~
Will do my best to update soon!

Thanks for dropping by~

Date: 2015-05-28 02:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alsykt.livejournal.com
Ahhhhh Yuto is so sweet!! Hahaha Aiba's name appeared!! Do update soon!'!

Date: 2015-05-29 04:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
He is, isn't he ? >,<

Well, I can't help it~ Bias is bias.. >,<

Will do my best to update soon!
Thanks for dropping by~


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