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Title : Black Saint
Arc 3 - Thunderbird
Chapitre 8 - Reconcile
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG-13 (For languanges in some chapters)
Genre : AU ; Angst
Pairing : YamaJima ; NakaChii ; OkaYama ; more will come as the story evolves..
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly..
Summary for Arc 3 : Threads are severed, trusts are wavered.. Through all the cold storms and the raging inferno, wrapped inside the unending cries of pain, a tiny part of his heart still waiting for that love he longed..
Author's Note : Yes. I know that I haven't improved in writing a proper summary yet.. Eventhough I've wrote for quite long now.. >,<
Well, this arc's title and plot are based on T.M.Revolution's song, Thunderbird, which immediately melted my heart the first time I heard it (It was the Music Fair version where they sang it along with Tegomassu by the way).. Hope you'll like this arc too~ XD

~~~Arc 3 - Chapitre 8 - Reconcile~~~


A man roared as he slammed the multiple files on top of his desk, and the woman who stood beyond the desk could only cowered in fear.

"B-but I think you asked us to create this new design." The woman tried to reasoned out.


"V-very well, Sir." The woman squeaked fearfully as she hurriedly scrambled out of the room.

As soon as the door is closed behind the woman's back, the man sat down with a huff as he angrily mess his own hair.

"Really, everyone of them ! Can't they do anything right at all ?!" He hissed as he turned to look at the display of his computer and frowned. The numbers being shown there is not satisfying at all. He was sure he could have more that what he already achieved.

"What a bunch of useless people I have ! What the hell did they think they were doing ?! Messing with my company and all !" He sighed as he ran his fingers through his messy hair.

His train of thoughts were halted as the sound of a familiar ringtone rang through the air. Grunting in annoyance, he pulled the drawer rather harshly and picked the cellphone to answer the call without even looking into the Caller ID.

"What ?!" He snapped to whoever had called him.

"What a way to greet a brother you haven't seen in a long time, Haruhiko." Came a calm voice from the other line.

The man suddenly frozen on his seat. This voice, it sounded familiar -too familiar- to his liking. And despite knowing for a fact that this person he thought he had killed still up and around, to actually hear the said person talking straightly into his own ears had been a great shock.

"A-Akihiko ?!" He called out in disbelief.

"Yes, brother, it's me."

The man on the other line answered almost happily and he could only gulped down his nervousness.

"What do you want ?" As much as he wanted to put up a strong front like he always did, he still couldn't hide the slight tremble on his voice.

"There are a lot of things I want, dear brother." Answered the older man, a hint of amusement laced his voice. "But first of all, I would like to apologize, for all the troubles I caused your sons, especially your youngest."

The younger Yamada frowned. "Hah ?"

"You heard me right, Haru." Akihiko sighed. "But don't take me wrong. That doesn't mean I forgave you for everything that you've done to our family in the past. It's just, I've come to realized that it's wrong to take it on your innocent wife and sons."

"What do you mean ?" Haruhiko frowned deeper.

"Exactly as it sounds." Came the cold reply. "I still have my revenge in me, and I will never stop chasing after you to fulfil that vow I've made. So you'd better be prepared. Because I will come back at you full force, and took what was rightfully mine."

"Wait, wha-"

But before the younger Yamada could reprimand his brother further, the line was cut.


"I hope this is for the best."

"Why- of course it is, Akihiko-san."

The said man turned his head and found himself staring at a certain platinum-haired bishounen who is smiling all too brightly at him.

"One question from me though, what are you going to do for your revenge, and after that at that matter ?"

"I hope you don't mind if I keep whatever I planned on for myself as the time being, Yuu-kun." The man shrugged as he walked over to the seat behind the big brown desk. "But as per your suggestion, I will not touch anyone else but Haruhiko in this plan of mine."

"Is that so ?" Yuu raised his eyebrows, while eyes following his company's every moves.

Akihiko sighed.

"I'm old, and tired, and alone. All I wanted is a revenge to my brother, really." He closed his eyes, as his fingers reached out to pinch the bridge of his nose. "And when I'm done with it, I will finally be able to live in peace. But by doing so, I will leave our family's company without a leader because I refuse to do the job, and our late father will be displeased to know that. That's why, after everything's done, I will leave everything to my nephews to handle. They might be his sons, but they are still the Yamadas. I believe they will know what to do."

A small, almost unnoticeable smile appeared on the man's lips. And seeing this sight, Yuu just grinned to himself before bidding the man goodbye and left.

"I wonder if things will go even more interesting than this~" He whistled as he walked out of the room calmly, not even trying to see the bewildered look on Akihiko's face as he left just like that.



The brown-haired young man quickly turned around at the feminine voice calling his name. There from the other way of the hallway, came his smiling mother walking swiftly to where he stood waiting.

"Yes, Mother ?"

"Ryosuke is back from the hospital." Came the curt and simple reply of his mother as she lead him to resume his walk.

"Yes, I am aware of that." He told her, hoping that she wouldn't reprimand him further.

"I knew that." His mother rolled her eyes. "What I do not know, is why wouldn't you come and see him now ? I'm sure he wanted his brother's company now that his friend has gone home."

"Mother, I don't think-" Yuya trailed off, unsure of what to say next. "I don't think he has forgive me yet."

"Yuya, my son." His mother gave a low sigh. "You are worrying too much. Try to be logical sometimes, dear. How could he ever forgive you if you never asked for one ?"

The young man averted his eyes. He knows that his mother is right. He has known since long, but still, he couldn't bring himself to face his younger brother just yet. He's too afraid to do so.

"But I have no such courage." He spoke quietly, just enough for the two of them to hear. "At least not yet." He added as he saw his mother is ready to retort back.

"Then when will you be ready ?" His mother asked him gently, while placing one arm on his shoulder. "We both knew how complicated Ryosuke had changed, and if anyone were to blame, it would be ourselves. But don't you think that it's all more the reason for us to take the first step and try to reach out for him ? It would be too much to ask for his old sweet and innocent self, I know. But at the very least, I want us to try breaking his wall of ice little by little, and show him that he's not alone."

Yuya bit his lower lip and slowly turned to face his mother, who gave him a sharp look, yet encouraging smile at the same time. He sighed, knowing that there's no more escapades from this situation he dreaded to have. And so he nodded his head, earning him an approving look from his mother.

"Now that's my son. Hurry and go meet him now !"

The lady gave him a slight push and he could only shook his head in disbelief. His mother could be very childish at times. But then again, this same woman was also the one who managed to reassure him at his toughest time not too long ago, and he couldn't be less thankful.

"And to think that I hated her before. What a good child I was." His lips formed a bitter-smile, before he decided to cast that matter aside and focusing himself to the task at hand. Inhaling a deep breath, he steadily made his way to where his brother's room is, all the while trying to push his nervousness aside.


Ryosuke rolled on his bed, and smiled at seeing his little puppy following his act. He then reached out his hand and stroke the back of Kuu's ear, earning him a content sound from the small creature as it cuddled into his hand. His little activity was disturbed, as he heard someone knocking on his door.

He sighed. Feeling too lazy to answer whoever stood behind the door, Ryosuke decided to pretend to be asleep and closed his eyes just as the door being opened by his guest. He then heard his name being called, but ignored it as he continue his fake-sleep. But instead of leaving, this person decided to approach him and a second later, he felt a blanket being draped around him before a hand fell on top of his head to stroke his hair gently. He felt Kuu squirming at the change, but the puppy stayed where it is nevertheless.

"You must have been tired." The person spoke quietly, probably trying not to wake him up by his voice. "And when I have something to tell you too." The man sighed but made no movement to wake him up.

"Ryosuke, I just- I just wanted you to know, that I am sorry. For everything." A pause. "If I knew, I would never leave. Or at the very least I'd try to explain everything to you. But you were so young. And so was I. That's why I was afraid to tell you. I was afraid of your reaction. I was afraid that you would say you wanted to come along with me. I was afraid that I will lead you to a hard life if I were to agree. That's why I didn't tell you."

Came another pause -longer this time- but the hand never stop stroking his hair.

"I was selfish back then, only thinking about my own affair. And I regretted my selfishness now. Of how my incosideration towards your feelings led you now. How I wish I could undone it all. But I can't. So the least I could do now is to try and repent my mistakes..." The person trailed off. "That's why, I hope I can make it up to you, by restarting everything from zero. Of us. If only you would give me a chance."

A deep sigh came from the other person, and Ryosuke felt the hand leaving his head.

"But I guess I should be telling you all of these while you're awake." Though having his eyes closed, Ryosuke can sees a curt smile forming on his guest's lips. "Sleep well, now, little brother." And a pair of lips touched the top of his head, before the weight left the bed and the person began to leave.

Just as the other person reached the door, Ryosuke opened his eyes. And before he knew it, a name slipped out from his parted lips.


He saw the person stopped, before he turned back to face him.

"Ryosuke ? I'm sorry, did I wake you up ?" He apologized, a crooked smile on his lips.

Ryosuke shook his head, before he rose from his position, causing the blanket around him fell to his laps.

"I was awake even before you came." He told the older boy bluntly.

"R-really ?" A blush came on Yuya's cheeks as he averted his gaze. "Then I assume you heard everything ?"

He nodded his head, and Yuya just sighed before he walked back to his bed.

"You should've told me."

"But then you wouldn't say a thing." He commented matter-of-factly.

Yuya seemed to be taken aback by his comment, but he just shook his head in disbelief without denying anything.

"You've became a cheeky-brat now." The older boy snorted as he ruffled his hair. "Well, though you've always been one now that I mentioned it."

Ryosuke groaned, and the older boy chuckled at his reaction.

"So anyway," Yuya heaved a deep breath. "Once again, I'm sorry. Maybe it would be hard to do so -what's with everything that had happened- but I wished you will give me a chance ?" He looked into his eyes, face hopeful.

Ryosuke averted his gaze, finding himself unable to look into Yuya's brown orbs longer.

"I don't know." He answered honestly.

He could see Yuya's face fell. And a bitter smile is seen framing his brother's face.

"It's okay. I will give you time- no, you deserved all the times in the world to think about it. After all, it was my fault that you hate me now." The older boy then turned around, ready to leave again.

"I never said I hate you though." He exclaimed almost too quickly. But before Yuya could respond, he added, "I just, don't know what to do now."

Yuya stared at him for quite sometimes, before he breaks a smile.

"It's glad to hear." His brother said, his voice draped with relief. "Well, you better rest now, Ryosuke. Can't have that body of yours overworked now, can we ?"

He gave him one of his infamous sweet smile, and Ryosuke just nodded his head obediently.

"I'll leave you now, okay ?"

At the words coming from his brother's mouth, Ryosuke felt his insecurity rose. He gripped the blanket on his laps as he hang his head down.

"Can't you just stay here with me ?" He whispered softly, that Yuya has to strain his ears to hear. But when he got the message, the older boy just smiled.

"Of course, lil' brother. I will just be here right beside you." He then flopped back down on the bed, before pulling Ryosuke down to lie down on it. "I wouldn't go anywhere."

Feeling the warmth seeping into his body, Ryosuke just snuggled deeper and closed his eyes. And this time, he fell asleep in a matter of seconds for real.

"Thank you, Nii-chan."

~~~End of Arc 3 - Chapitre 8 - Reconcile~~~

Alright.. Another chappie is up~
As usual, please do share your thoughts~ >,<
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