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Title : Black Saint
Arc 3 - Thunderbird
Chapitre 5 - Für Elise
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG-13 (For languanges in some chapters)
Genre : AU ; Angst
Pairing : YamaJima ; NakaChii ; OkaYama ; more will come as the story evolves..
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly..
Summary for Arc 3 : Threads are severed, trusts are wavered.. Through all the cold storms and the raging inferno, wrapped inside the unending cries of pain, a tiny part of his heart still waiting for that love he longed..
Author's Note : Yes. I know that I haven't improved in writing a proper summary yet.. Eventhough I've wrote for quite long now.. >,<
Well, this arc's title and plot are based on T.M.Revolution's song, Thunderbird, which immediately melted my heart the first time I heard it (It was the Music Fair version where they sang it along with Tegomassu by the way).. Hope you'll like this arc too~ XD
Author's Note 2 : So sorry for the late update~ And I don't know whether I did a good job or not for this chappie, but I hope I can deliver the story just well~ >,< And oh, this chappie is a full flashback scenes.. Enjoy everyone~

~~~Arc 3 - Chapitre 5 - Für Elise~~~

A teenager walked inside the white-washed building in front of him, trailing behind a tall back of this guy he barely knew. He knew that his man could meant harm to him, but he was too tired to care. For all he knew, this man offered him a place to stay for a while, and even providing him with daily necessities and all. So when the man told him that he wanted him to meet someone, he found no room to complaint.


He looked up when he heard the man spoke, and found himself staring into brown orbs from across the room. This boy called 'Zero' can't be older than himself, yet he shivered at the cold glare he's sending him.

"What is it again, Val ? You know that I've got things to do, especially after I lost my Vice a couple of days ago." The boy scowled as he altered his gaze to the other man.

"Relax." The man gave a low chuckle. "I'm here to relieve you from your stresses."

"Ha ?" The boy gave him a look of disbelief.

"You see this young man here ?" The man gestured his hand his way. "He will be your new Vice starting today."

The young man widened his eyes in surprise as he glared into the man's back. He was not notified about this news whatsoever. Did the man really planned to just shoved him into the position or something ?

"W-wait a minute ! I didn't-"

"Fine." The boy sighed as he leaned back on his seat. "What's his name ?"

"He's called Phantom."

"I see." The boy nodded his head. "I'm Zero, by the way. I will be your Captain and I won't be lenient on you even if you're a newbie here. So put that in mind and gave me no troubles while we're at it."

He felt the skeptical stare the boy is sending him, but he just gulped down his nervousness and tried to put a strong front instead by giving the boy a stern nod. The boy rolled his eyes before leaving the room without another word. But as he stood by the doorway, he suddenly turned back and look at him.

"Are you going to come with me or not ? We have many things to take care of."

And he just knew that it would take a long time to get along with this boy.


"So, what's the new case ?"

Phantom looked up from his seat and stared at Zero's figure emerging from the door.

"Our Minister had wanted us to take this thing from the latest auction which is about to be delivered to Spain tonight." He told the young Captain calmly.

"But Fukutaichou had taken care of that matter, and the said item had been retrieved safely." Luna, their fourth seater spoke excitedly, and Phantom could clearly feel the stern look being thrown at him from his Captain's direction.

"I see. Good job then." Was all he said before he once again left the room.


"Taichou !"

Phantom wore this surprised look on his face when he found his very own Captain standing in front of his apartment door with his unreadable expression.

"May I come in ?" The words sounded too polite that it seemed fake. But he nodded as he gave way for the young man to enter his unit.

"What would you like to drink ?" He proceeded to the kitchen, but halted in his steps as the other boy spoke.

"Let's stop this formalities and get to the main issue, shall we ?"

He turned around and found a smirk playing on the boy's lips.

"I don't like you." He suddenly drop the bomb. "You were just a new face yet you suddenly a Vice, and I don't think it's fair."

Phantom maintained his calm look as he let the other boy continue.

"You're obviously oblivious with the whole Organization thing when you were first shoved into this world. You are too polite, too silent, and too mysterious." The other boy turned around and walked to the window as he stared the scenery outside. "But you've got talent. And I can see that you're trustworthy. And for all of that, I guess I no longer have any room to complaint."

He could feel a smile forming on his lips as the other boy turned back to look at him, and as their eyes met, he knew that he has nothing to worry about.

"I don't know nor care about your reason of joining Black Saint, but- welcome to the team, Okamoto Keito."

He widened his eyes in surprise, before it turned into a chuckle a second later.

"Of course." He spoke softly. "Well, please guide me thoroughly, Yamada Ryosuke-kun."

And the only reply he got is a small smirk from the other guy.


"Tsk ! What's with these load of jobs anyway ? Didn't they ever had a break on this ?"

Keito chuckled lowly at the fit his Captain is throwing.

"You should've known that we don't have reds on our calendar, right ?" He commented lightly as he put a hot chocolate on top of Ryosuke's table as the younger boy slammed his notebook close not-so-gently.

"But I'm tired of everything !" He retorted, almost wailing.

Keito found himself frowning at the retort. He knew that Ryosuke had always been the grumpy one, but he never wailed before, even when he's facing the toughest task.

"Why don't you take a break for a while ? I'll cover you up at the time being." He suggested contemplatively.

"But-" Ryosuke was ready to protest, but can't seem to find the right words to say. And the fact that the younger boy was at lost of words only made him confused more.

"Ryosuke ? Are you okay ?" Keito took a few steps around to look into Ryosuke's face more properly, and only then did he realized the huge and ugly black circles below Ryosuke's eyes. And was it only his imagination or Ryosuke indeed seemed paler than usual today ?

The boy just waved his hand without giving him a proper answer as he sip into his chocolate. Keito could only sigh at that.

"You're obviously not. Come on, I'll drive you home so you can take a rest. I'll take care of things here."

He was beyond surprised when Ryosuke abruptly stood from his seat and took a few steps back away, his face turned even paler if that was even possible.

"No. I'm okay, really. You don't have to take me- well, anywhere."

And it struck Keito of why Ryosuke suddenly behaving this way. From the over-grumpiness, his unhealthy look, and his denial to be taken home, it only led him to one conclusion: His parents are home. It had become a public secret to him about Ryosuke's bad relationship with his parents, even when the younger never told him anything about it. Ryosuke had always been brattier whenever his parents are back in Japan, but it'd never went this far. So something really bad must've had happened with his parents. Or perhaps...

"Did something happen ?" He sighed as he dared himself to ask. "Something related with a certain someone from a certain wing of this building ?"

He could clearly see the tense look on Ryosuke's face as the younger boy shook his head while once again, seating himself on his chair.

"No- It's nothing, really."

But when Keito is about to protest, he was cut off by a loud ringtone he recognized as Ryosuke's. He watched how the boy took a glance at him, before fishing the phone from inside his pocket and answer the call.

"Hello ?"

Keito then walked back to his seat and studied Ryosuke from there. He saw how Ryosuke sighed tiredly as he's listening to the caller's talk.

"Fine. I'll be there soon." The boy said at last and it made him frowned.

"Where are you going ?" He asked as soon as Ryosuke is standing up from his seat.

"Somewhere." The boy gave him a small shrug before he reached for his coat and to the doorway.

"You're not feeling well, Ryosuke. You should've been resting instead of answering that selfish brat's stupid wishes." He said coldly -almost shouting-, and it got Ryosuke's attention as the boy turned back at him and gave him a hard look. But when he thought he's going to receive an earful from his Captain, he was surprised to find the boy sighing deeply instead before walking away.

"You might be right about that, but- I just don't know anymore."

And it stunned Keito to the core, of how sad Ryosuke sounded when he spoke, that it left him frozen on his spot even after Ryosuke's shadow is gone already.

"I can't really win you over him, huh ?" He smiled sadly as he looked up into nothingness. "What do I do now ?"


Keito had realized, from long before, even perhaps before he knew it, that he has this weird attachment towards his younger Captain. He couldn't figure out why, or how he did in the first place. Ryosuke is not your typical teen with their their sweetness and their every-once-in-a-while adorable naughtiness. He's the complete opposite of it. He's fierce, sharp-mouthed, and straightforward. He's also mature beyond his age. But the fact the he could see the frailness and insecurities hidden behind those strengths might be the reason why he was attached to him. Or perhaps it was his family background which he found rather similar to his own. Or simply his presence.

But Keito could only care less about it. One thing he knew is that he should protect this strong yet fragile boy with his everything. Even at the cost of his own life. For he saw Ryosuke as someone important, even more important than his own.

"Ryosuke ! What the-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Keito found himself with an armful of Ryosuke on his chest. He saw how his breathing was ragged, and felt how his body was burning hot from unmistakably high fever. It seemed that his body had gave up from all the strains he has been enduring that he finally collapsed now.

"Oh, God !"

Keito then lifted the younger boy's body before taking him to a nearby couch. He frowned worriedly as the boy shivered, obviously freezing even when his body is burning. He then took off his own coat and wrapped it carefully around Ryosuke's small figure. He then quickly search for an extra blanket or anything which would help Ryosuke now, and luckily found some from the drawer. He ran back to where Ryosuke is and put the blanket on top of Ryosuke's still shivering figure, in which the boy just snuggled into the warmth rather contendedly.

He sighed in relief at the small change of expression the younger boy made. But then frowned again when Ryosuke made a small whimper. He then rummaged through all the drawer to look for some medicine which would help Ryosuke's condition, and also a few of small towel to reduce his fever somehow.

He gritted his teeth when realization hit him as to how Ryosuke ended up this way, but decided to push the thought away at the moment and focusing on the task at hand instead.

"Just you see, Nakajima Yuto !"


At the sound of small whimpers coming from the figure on the couch, Keito immediatelly averted his gaze from his paperworks and quickly approached the boy.

"Ryosuke ? How are you feeling ?" He asked softly, all the while taking off the tower from on top of his forehead to check his temperature.

"Hmm." Came the incoherent reply from Ryosuke as he tried to sit up. "What happened ?"

"That's my line." Keito sighed as he assisted Ryosuke up. "You suddenly collapsed the moment you return here, what happened ?"

"Ah." Commented the younger boy shortly. "I was a little exhausted, I think." He gave off a sheepish smile.

It was such a horrible lie that even a three-years-old can see through it, but Keito knew better than to pry. For now.

"You shouldn't push yourself too hard." He gave Ryosuke's forehead a light flick, and the boy just pouted at that. 'Adorable.' Keito smiled to himself.

"Let's get out of here. I'll take you to my place at the time being. Make sure you call that butler of yours before he freaked out and sent a whole police department to search for you." He stood before proceeding to tidy up his desk before helping Ryosuke to his feet. "Are you sure you can walk by your own ? I can give you a piggyback-ride if you wanted to."

"Shut up." Ryosuke just rolled his eyes, but keep leaning onto Keito for support.

The older boy just chuckled as he place his coat on Ryosuke's back before assisting the boy out of the room.

"Why can't you just look at me ? Eventhough I'd risk my life protecting you." He whispered ever so quietly, his face solemn.

"Hmm ? What did you say ?"

He saw how Ryosuke turned to face him with a curious look, but he just smiled as he shook his head.

"I said nothing. You must be hallucinating."

Ryosuke just rolled his eyes before he leaned back on the passenger's seat and drifted back to sleep.

"But if you thought that you'll find happiness through this, who am I to deny that ?" He smiled sadly. "I hope you'll find that happiness soon, Ryosuke."

He then turned the player on and browsed through the music list to find some soothing song to play, his finger stopped at one particular song. He then smiled before pushing the play button and let the nostalgic and calming melody filled the silent car as he drove away.

~~~End of Arc 3 - Chapitre 5 - Für Elise~~~

Okay, so what do you think ? Did I failed ? >,<
Well, comments (and flames) are appreciated still~ XD

And I promise you that the next update is coming real soon ! >,<
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