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Okay, so I'm back!
Well, technically speaking I was never away- I just couldn't find the time to write something anymore as of lately, so...

I'm not here to rant about that.. I'm here to listed out my opinions around things that has happened on fandom as of lately..
It's not critics, just a review on what I've seen of our idols these past few, weeks..

Let's just get to the point.

1. Zeus 2
It has to be Zeus first because it was the most recent out of all and I want to speak what's on my mind while it's still fresh. I just have to.
So, for you guys who have watched the recent episode of Zeus might have known, that our Johnny's army has yet to lose a battle. But despite everything, I have to say that they fare better than they did the last time.. They did an awesome job for Rolling Zeus, had a very close call during Endless Jump (In which I say that they actually won, because they aced two of the three chances, but oh well), Inoo-chan certainly did better than I expected him to for Zeus Archery (I mean, the last JUMParty still kinda left an effect and we all KNOW how Inoo were being a fail yet adorable at the same time back then), Zeus Wrestling was a must watch game, Zeus PK was a little disappointing but spectacular still, and we know just how much of efforts the boys had to give for Brave Road..
I'm a little bothered by the end result though. No, it's not the fact that Johnny's has lost, again. It's more of the point difference. As far as the games went on, I think both armies played quite equally, with each two wins, two losses, and two draws.. I understand if the score difference were about 10-30 something, but for them to differ by 140 pts?! I sure smell something fishy there. I don't know, perhaps it was just me, but I think the scoring were a little unfair. I even thought that it was just a scheme the staffs did to show us that Johnny's aren't perfect (in which we already know, thank you very much). But again, perhaps it was just me, and they actually has set and agreed on certain rules I have yet to know about. So either way, despite being on the losing end, I applauded Johnny's army for having given their best. And of course, the Geinin army deserve an equally -if not more- loud applauses for being the winner again.
Now, onto a more personal note, I've heard some rumours about Chinen and Yama-chan who hurt themselves during (or before) the recording of Zeus and thus were restricted to play more than planned to. But after seeing the whole show, I can't stop myself from admiring them more for their professionalism. Not once did they try to show their discomfort, especially when the cameras are on. I'm proud of you guys. Some even says that Yama-chan was actually feeling under the weather that day, yet, he still took the challenge to play on one of the most stamina-consuming game. And eventhough I was disappointed that Yama-chan didn't get much airing time, I somehow relieved that he's using the times in between to rest (hopefully), he really needed it (And plus, because of that, we don't get to see his figure dogeza-ing by the end LOL).
About the wrestling, I heard that Inoue-Yamada wrestle actually went on for 15-20 mins instead of the 5 mins rule. It showed how dedicated they are on winning the battle. Inoue-san to prove his worth, and Yamada to prove that he's more than just a pretty face. And since I'm biased, I have to say that Yama-chan really overdid himself. Heard that he bled but refused to stop the battle. It must have been frustating that he couldn't win, but they had shown an amazing battle so I couldn't complaint. As for Inoue-san, I feel bad for him. Not only he was bad-mouthed for winning against Yama-chan on the first serie of Zeus, he also received hurtful words again because people accused him for Yama-chan's injury. Come on, people! Get real! It's not even Inoue-san's fault Yama-chan got hurt. It was a fierce battle between to men in stake of their pride! Both of them got hurt! To think that he has to apologize for something which is not his fault- but that showed me, us, how big of a heart Inoue-san has. You've got my respect, Inoue-san. That's for sure. Poor Yama-baby must have felt guilty as well when he found out.
Next! Dai-chan surely was remarkable during the show! He participated in four games! And he left quite a record too. And he surely did his best as a pinch-hitter for Brave Road, despite the fact that he couldn't pass it (But hey, no one did, so..)
I've got some other bits I'd like to talk about, but mostly it was about how awed I got watching both teams giving them all to win. I've got one thing though: I really wish they would invite the other Arashi members for the next Zeus (if there will be any, that is). I don't know, I just want to see how Sho-chan would lead the team with his fellow member around. At the very least, they could be an emotional support for Sho? (And for Chinen as well if that additional member were to be Oh-chan)
All in all, good work guys! Both teams did awesome! And I wonder how the news will get for this outcome. After all, it was kinda big when Johnny's army lost the first time LOL

2. JUMPing Carnival Concert
I have to admit that I didn't quite enjoyed the album. I don't know, s3art was all spectacular so I kinda put my hopes up, but c4rnival turned out to be a little too, plain, to my liking. Oh, I love some of their numbers, but for some others, like Puppy Boo or Yowamushi Pedal, but it was just not enough. Perhaps I was a little tired of Johnny who insisted on keeping JUMP's image a fresh and cute one, eventhough they could absolutely ace a cooler and darker image. But then again, Carnival concert was awesome on it's own way! I certainly love the whole theme, and I was kinda smitten with the live version of Puppy Boo and a little than more amazed for Ai Wo Michibiite performance. They should do more songs like that instead of the cutie-pie Chau# and Kira Kira Hikare. No offense though. I enjoyed all their songs, but I think that each person has their own preferances on which type of songs they like more. It was a little dissapointing because I can't watch some of Kimi Attraction's coupling songs, because damn I love them more than the cover song itself LOL
I heard they did Ignition for the Countdown concert though, I could only hope they will release the DVD as well so I could watch it too XD
My favorite performance from Carnival Concert: 314 No Tokei, because Yamada was stunningly pretty he looked more like a doll than a human. And man, it was the most beautiful voice I've ever heard in my life (An overexagerration in my part, of course. Because I'm biased as it is. I love UNION as well though, because just as I had expected, it was sooo much better watching it performed live. And of course, Ai Wo Michibiite and Boy's Don't Stop.

3. Tidbits about Arashi
I've been waiting, since New Year, for Oh-chan's corner in which he created a gift for Aiba-chan's birthday at Arashi Ni Shiyagare. And at long last, it will be aired tonight! Granted, it is long overdue, but hey, who am I to complaint? *grins*
And VS Arashi! Again, I've been waiting since New Year, for Aiba-chan to try on the new Cliff Climb because I'm just excited to see the two over-achiever of the previous Cliff Climb to actually try the new one! And since Oh-chan has done his part well, it's Aiba-chan's turn next! And he most certainly did not disappoint! Well done guys! (Sho-chan, as per usual, is with his infamous fail scene)
Their new single, Fukkatsu Love. Love it! Especially since Toma is finally making his appearance as Arashi's unofficial sixth member! XD
Can't wait to see the full version (with the lovely making and many expected teasing toward Toma)

That's it for now I guess. I won't be able to stop otherwise, and I'm kinda running short on time.
Lastly, I can't wait for Assassination Classroom 2! And the VS Arashi episode which would cover them as guests (if there will be one, that is). This time, Nino would surely be on the opposite team! XD
And is looking forward to Grasshopper DVD too! I've been dying to watch it since last November! XD

Thank you to all of you who have read this stupid rant up 'till the end! Please drop by and tell me your opinions on things too~ I'd be delighter to listen to others' thought! XD
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