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Title : Refrain ~Bokutachi No Monogatari~
Author : [info]zeon_avalanthe
Rating : PG
Genre : AU ; Angst ; Friendship
Fandom : Arashi
Pairing : Sakuraiba (Friendship)
Disclaimer : Everyone knows that I don't own any of those boys, sadly.. The title, is again, shamelessly taken from one of my favorite Arashi's song, Refrain..
Summary : Sho had been living a normal college life with his roommate slash bestfriend, Masaki.. Until he found out the dark secret lies behind those smiles..

Chapter 3

“Ninomiya-sama, what is it that Inohara-kun just did ?”

Shin looked up to his Master, face still contorted in horror. He just saw a scene in which the usually kind and always-smiling man killed a man without mercy, eyes cold and empty.

“That, is what you will be doing when you grow up, Shin.” Ninomiya told him lightly, as if telling Shin that killing is the same as walking.

“I will be a murderer ?” Shin looked up in surprise, face pale.

“Now stop phrasing it that way.” Ninomiya scolded him slightly. “The world we’re living, Shin, is a filthy place filled by people with greed and dark intentions. It’s our duty to clean the darkness within the world by erasing those people with bad intentions.”

“By killing them ?” Shin prompted again, still uncertain.

“I say we’re doing this world a favour by erasing some unnecessary beings. We’re doing a good thing, Shin, it’s something you should be proud of.” Ninomiya pointed a finger at Shin, in which the young boy simply nodded his head in return.

“I understand, Ninomiya-sama.”


“Uwaaah~ Hotspring is the best !” Masaki sighed contentedly as he relaxed inside the tub.

“You surely love hotspring, eh ?” Sho sat next to Masaki and watch his friend making an interesting face.

“Yepp ! I love it !” Masaki throw him a wide grin before splashing some water into his own face. “Say, Sho-chan, how about dropping by that sushi store I told you about ? Kazama-pon invited me this morning and he also told me they had a karaoke room upstairs, so we could have fun all night long !”

Sho let out a chuckle at the childish remark the other boy make. “Poor Kazama-kun. For all I know, you treated him more like a personal manager rather than a friend, really.”

“Hey, that’s rude !” Masaki pouted in an angry attempt. “It’s Kazama-pon who always offered to drive and all. I never asked him to do anything for me.”

“I know, I know.” Sho laughed crisply. He know just how much Kazama-kun adored Masaki and would do anything for him. “He even went as far as giving me a three-hours-long lecture as to what I must and musn’t do before he agreed to let me share a room with you. Tell me, is he your Mother or something ?”

“He’s just a worry-wart.” Masaki declared airily. “He had always been since a long time ago, so instead of fussing over his fussiness, I decided to enjoy the spoiling to the fullest.” A wide grin is spreaded on Masaki’s lips and Sho simply laugh at that.

“Well, shall I partake his hospitality too then ? It’d been so long since I really had fun.” Sho said while giving the other man a smile.

“Yeay ! Let’s karaoke-ing all night long !”


“The Master is calling for you tonight.”

The taller man stopped in his track before turning back to face the other man.

“Does it have to be tonight ? I have something to do.”

“You know him, Shin. He doesn’t accept a ‘No’ to his order.”

Shin could only sigh as he nodded his head. “I understand. I will go to his place tonight.”

“Hey, Shin.”

“Hmm ?”

The shorter guy hesitated before he spoke, “Don’t you think that Ninomiya-sama has been giving you far too many orders lately ? I know you’re his favourite, but still...”

“Don’t worry. He has planned it all out, I believe.” Shin answered curtly.

“But I’m worried.” The shorter guy frowned. “Especially now.”

“Shun...” Shin gave out a long sigh. “I know how you feel, I really do. But, let’s stop this talk okay ? Let’s just, go along with the flow, for now.”

“I know it would’ve been better if you never met that man.” Shun stated, voice accussing. “You’ve changed since then.”

“I know.” Shin replied serenely. “I thought so, too. But strangely enough, I don’t think that meeting him is a mistake after all.”

Both of them said nothing as the two of them resumed their walk.

“You know, Shun, whenever I’m with him, my vision of the world change. It’s as if, the truth I lingered upon all this time was but a delusion of my own mind. And I know that it’s not right, that being with him is corrupting me, but for some reason, I just can’t picture living a life without him around me. I just, can’t.” Shin confessed, shoulder slumped and face scrunched up.

“Shin...” Shun called out in concern. “Should I- ?”

“No !” Shin exclaimed almost immediately. “Just, don’t. I’m fine, for the time being.”

“I’m fine, so, just let it off, okay ?”


“Masaki ! Hey, Masaki ! Masaki !”

Masaki slowly lift up his sleepy head at the constant call of his name and look out for his caller.

“Sho-chan ?” He called out sleepily. “What’s wrong ?”

“So you find my class convenient for a little nap, Aiba-san ?”

At the cold and deep voice, Masaki’s sleepiness suddenly gone in a moment as he straightened his body and meet the scary face of his lecturer.

“Matsumoto-sensei.” He laughed nervously. “How are you doing, Sir ?”

A disapproving look is sent his way as Matsumoto-sensei squinted his eyes at his seemingly stupid and out-of-place question.

“My desk. 4 p.m. sharp.” And the scary lecturer returned to the front of the class.

Masaki let out a defeated sigh as he slumped on his seat.

“You could’ve warned me, Sho-chan !” He whispered angrily at his seatmate.

“I tried ! But you were too deep in your sleep to notice me !” Sho defended himself in the same hushed tone.

“I’m doomed.” Masaki sighed again dramatically. “Literally.”

Sho could only sent him a look of sympathy.

“I will wait for you, okay ? We will go home together after you see Matsumoto-sensei.” Sho offered, patting his back comfortingly as he said so.

“It’s okay, Sho-chan. You can go home first.” Masaki smiled weakly. “I mean, I don’t know how long Matsumoto-sensei will lecture me, right ?”

“Are you sure ?” Sho asked him, face hesitating.

“I’m sure.” Masaki assured him. “Let’s grab some lunch first. I need to refill my energy before facing the monster.” He then stood up while packing his stationery, and it was then Sho realized that the class is over and Matsumoto-sensei had left already.

“Alright.” Sho stood up as well. “Let’s order that karaage you love. My treat.”

“Yeay, Sho-chan ! You’re the best !”


Sho put down his pen and stretch his cramped neck. He looked up to find that it’s almost midnight already. Sho frowned at that. He had finished three of his assignments, fixed himself a dinner of a hot cup ramen (Masaki has always been in charge of cooking, after the two of them found out that Sho couldn’t cook to save himself), watching that drama Masaki loves, reading some book and finishing the rest of his assignments, but Masaki still hasn’t come home and Sho is getting worried, especially with those recent suicide cases happening around. Sho knows Masaki is not the type who will do that kind of thing, but that doesn’t help him to be at ease. And for sure, Matsumoto-sensei won’t hold Masaki this long, right ?

Sho is about to pick his phone and try to call Masaki again when he heard the front door being opened. Sho rushed to the door to find a tired-looking Masaki trying to change his shoes into his indoor-slippers.

“Masaki.” He called out.

Masaki looked up and gave Sho a smile.

“Sho-chan. I thought you’re asleep already.” He told him softly as he’s finally freed from his shoes.

“I was waiting for you.” Sho told him as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“You don’t have to, you know.” Masaki chuckled lowly as the two of them walked inside the house.

“I was worried.” Sho argued. “It’s this late but you’re not home yet. I tried to call but your number was not even active.”

“Sorry. My phone died on me.” Masaki sighed as he entered his bedroom to change his clothes. “Matsumoto-sensei told me to write an essay which I have to hand today. He told me he will be waiting until midnight and I was forced to holed myself up in the library to do that stupid essay.”

Sho simply nodded as he waited for Masaki outside his room when the said guy erupted back from inside the bedroom.

“I’m hungry. Have you eaten something, Sho-chan ?” Masaki asked as he rubbed his stomach, already in his dog-printed pajamas now.

“Hn.” Sho answered half-heartedly. “I had some cup ramen.”

“Really ?” Masaki said in an amused tone. “I know you couldn’t cook but you still can order some deliveries, you know.”

Sho shrugged, neither agreeing nor disagreeing Masaki’s words.

“I guess I’ll have cup ramen, too.” Masaki announced as he opened the top drawer at the kitchen, taking one cup ramen. “Too lazy to cook something proper. I really need that sleep.”

Sho followed Masaki to the livingroom where the taller guy turned on the television to watch some late variety show. The man start slurping at his ramen while focusing on the show, laughing at the stupid remarks in between.

“You don’t have to accompany me, Sho-chan. You can go to sleep now, you know.” Masaki shook his head as he disposed the empty cup to the trashbin before pulling out a water bottle from inside the fridge. “Well, I’m done anyway so I guess that doesn’t matter. Shall we sleep now ? I’m all sweaty but I can’t be bothered by it now. I guess I’ll just take some quick shower in the morning.”

Sho smiled at Masaki’s remarks before nodding his head in agreement.

“Yeah, let’s just sleep now. Everything else can wait for tomorrow.”

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